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the 30th SC 29 Plenary Meeting
2017-07-22, Torino, Italy


Delegates List

SC 29 P- and O-members are requested to send the WG Convener concerned and the SC 29 Secretariat a list showing the names and employers of your delegation experts at each SC 29/WG meeting, and also the name of the Head of Delegation.

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Press Release
MPEG starts work on the MPEG-I new work item targeting future immersive applications (2017-04)
JPEG has issued a Call for Proposals on Privacy & Security to provide new protection tools to JPEG family of standards (2017-04)
MPEG issues Committee Draft of the Omnidirectional Media Application Format (OMAF) (2017-01)
JPEG Pleno kicks off its activities towards standardization of light field coding (2017-01)
MPEG Workshop on 5-Year Roadmap Successfully Held in Chengdu (2016-10)
JPEG issues a call for proposals on light field coding technologies (2016-10)
Second Emmy award for ISO/IEC MPEG-4 AVC standard (2009-03)
Hollywood presents Emmy Award to ITU, ISO and IEC (2008-08)


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