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Primetime Emmy award for HEVC Standard
Second Emmy award for ISO/IEC MPEG-4 AVC standard (2009-03)
Hollywood presents Emmy Award to ITU, ISO and IEC (2008-08)


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Press Release, the 84th SC 29/WG 1 meeting, 2019-07-13/19, Brussels, Belgium
Press Release, the 126th SC 29/WG 11 meeting, 2019-03-25/29, Geneva, Switzerland
Press Release, the 83rd SC 29/WG 1 meeting, 2019-03-16/22, Geneva, Switzerland
Press Release, the 82nd SC 29/WG 1 meeting, 2019-01-19/25, Lisbon, Portugal
Press Release, the 125th SC 29/WG 11 meeting, 2019-01-14/18, Marrakech, Morocco
Press Release, the 81st SC 29/WG 1 meeting, 2018-10-13/19, Vancouver, Canada
Press Release, the 124th SC 29/WG 11 meeting, 2018-10-08/12, Macao, China
Press Release, the 76th SC 29/WG 1 meeting, 2018-07-06/13, Berlin, Germany
Press Release, the 123rd SC 29/WG 11 meeting, 2018-07-16/20, Ljubljana, Slovenia


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