[ISO/IEC] Responsibilities and Duties of Liaison Representatives
Internal Classification of Category A
Updated: 2005-05-12


Liaison Representatives of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 have the following duties and responsibilities:

1. Must verify that their name and address is on the distribution list of the liaison organization to which they are the designated SC 29 Liaison representative.

2. Review all documents received from the liaison organization.

3. Propose/submit copies of all relevant documents to the appropriate Secretariat (SC 29 or SC 29/WGs) for distribution to their members and suggest actions needed to be taken by SC 29 or SC 29/WGs. Also, be sure to indicate clearly the due date of the action.

4. Coordinate SC 29 response and comment if more than one SC 29/WG are asked for comment. Also, coordinate response if SC 29 members provide input.

5. Provide a written liaison report prior to each SC 29 plenary meeting stating:
(a) concerns;
(b) status of any liaison statements (both direction should be tracked);
(c) anticipated events over the following one year (e.g., documents needing commenting, joint meetings etc.)

6. Should notify the SC 29 Secretariat on receipt of important liaison statements upon which action may be required.

7. Try to attend relevant meetings of the liaison organizations to which the liaison representative is designated, especially if the meetings are held in the liaison officers country or in a nearby one. Otherwise, try to locate and recruit a SC 29 expert to participate in the meeting if their agenda includes topics of importance to SC 29.

Internal Classification of Category A:

Category A:
Organisations which make an effective contribution to and participate actively in the work of both WG 1 and WG 11 for most of the questions dealt with by the committee.