[ISO/IEC] SC 29 WG Meeting Participations
(Resolution 30, 12th SC 29 Plenary meeting)

Updated: 1999-09-01


SC 29 reaffirms the JTC 1 Directives concerning participation at WG meetings found in the subclause 7.7.1 of the JTC 1 Directives (4th edition). In particular, "Only delegates officially nominated by the NBs and the representatives of other TCs and organizations in liaison may attend meetings."

SC 29 instructs its WG Conveners to announce the above Directives at the beginning of each meeting.

SC 29 strongly requests its NBs to submit delegate lists of WG meeting attendees to the SC 29 Secretariat, the WG Conveners, and to the host organization by one month prior to commencement of the meeting.

SC 29 requests the host organization to register only those persons appearing on the delegates lists and lists of liaison representatives, and to refer to the HoDs any persons who do not appear on the delegates lists nor the lists of liaison representatives.

SC 29 instructs its Conveners to abide by the JTC 1 Directives and refuse attendence to WG meetings of any person who are not authorized delegates by their NBs or liaison organizations.