SC 29/Advisory Group on Management (AGM)

ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/Advisory Group on Management (AGM)

Terms of Reference
The Advisory Group on Management (AGM) is an Advisory Group of SC 29 and has the responsibility to advise SC 29 and its WGs on matters of management that affect their work. With respect to the conduct of business of the SC and its WGs, the AGM studies issues of management, compiles information, identifies problem areas, and makes recommendations to the Chairman, Secretariat and WG Conveners of SC 29. Issues may be proposed by members of the AGM, by a National Body or by AGM Convener who may, at his discretion, include issues recommended by a non-member. Contributions will be well documented with supporting materials and justifications.

The AGM is composed of experts nominated by P-members of SC 29, which shall be reconfirmed at every SC 29 Plenary meeting. The Chairman and Secretary of SC 29 and the Conveners and Webmasters of its Working Groups and Task Forces serve ex-officio as members of the AGM. SC 29 may also invite other persons to participate in the work of the AGM.

The Web site of SC 29 and AGM e-mail reflector provide the basic framework for conducting business within AGM. However, telephone conference or face-to-face meetings may also be requested by AGM members. The final decision on holding such a meeting, its format and location (if any) will be made by AGM Convener and a notice will be issued at least 8 weeks in advance.

Dr. Andy Tescher