ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 N 1140
DATE 1995-03-27
OUR REF. 29CL328/29F001/29D073 29N1751.doc


Coding of Audio, Picture,Multimedia and Hypermedia Information

Secretariat: Japan (JISC)

TITLE : Resolutions, the Sixth ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 Plenary Meeting, 1995-03-25, Lausanne, Switzerland
STATUS : Adopted resolutions
REFERENCE : SC 29 N 1127: Revised draft agenda
REQUESTED ACTION : For SC 29's action as appropriate.
DISTRIBUTION : P, O and L members, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29
Conveners and Secretariats, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/AGM and WGs
Mr. Keith Brannon, ISO/IEC ITTF
Mrs. Lisa A. Rajchel, Secretariat, ISO/IEC JTC 1

Contact: Narumi HIROSE, Secretariat, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29
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* Information Processing Society of Japan/Information Technology Standards Commission of Japan
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JTC 1/SC 29 N 1140

the Sixth ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 Plenary Meeting

1995-03-25, Lausanne, Switzerland

Resolution 95-03/No.1 Meeting Style and Scheduling

SC 29 revokes its prior resolution 91-11 No. 27, which requires that its WGs meet co-sited with the SC 29 plenary meeting.

SC 29 adopts the following practices for its plenary meetings except its seventh plenary meeting, 1995-11-13/15, Dallas, US:

1. Meet a minimum of 2 times per year and a maximum of 3 times per year;

2. Meet for one day only;

3. Always meet co-sited with the WG 11 meeting, on the day following the end of the WG 11 meeting.

Approval: Belgium; France; Israel; Italy; Rep. of Korea; Norway; Sweden; Switzerland;
Disapproval: Germany; Japan; UK; US;
Abstention: None.

Resolution 95-03/No.2 Category A Liaison between CISAC and SC 29

SC 29 requests its members to submit any comments on the proposal for category A liaison between International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC) and SC 29 as given in SC 29 N 1113 to the SC 29 Secretariat by 1995-05-25. If any member does not express concerns regarding this liaison, SC 29 instructs its Secretariat to recommend JTC 1 to establish the proposed liaison.


Resolution 95-03/No.3 Direct Liaison between ISO/TC 42/WG 18 and WG 1

SC 29 authorizes its WG 1 Convener, Mr. Eric Hamilton, to pursue direct technical liaison with ISO/TC 42/WG 18 (Photography - Electronic Still Picture Imaging) on the topic of ISO/IEC 10918-3, Annex F, SPIFF file format.

SC 29 recommends to Mr. Hamilton that he correspond directly with the Convener of ISO/TC 42/WG 18, Ms. Virginia Jordan.


Resolution 95-03/No.4 Change of Category for Proposed Liaison with the Internet Society

SC 29 approves to change category of proposed liaison with the Internet Society to category A from C, and instructs its Secretariat, after consultation with the Internet Society, to submit this request to JTC 1 for approval.


Resolution 95-03/No.5 Appointment of SC 29 Representatives to JTC 1/WG-Strategy for Implementation of IT

SC 29 appoints the followings as its representatives to JTC 1/WG-Strategy for Implementation of Information Technology:

Mr. Fritz Whittington;
Mr. Roger Price;
Mrs. Narumi Hirose.


Resolution 95-03/No.6 Common Text with ITU-T SG 15

SC 29 approves the development of project JTC (13818-9) as a common text with ITU-T SG 15 by means of Collaborative Interchange (CI).


Resolution 95-03/No.7 SC 29 Implementation Plan for Use of IT

SC 29 approves the following plan for use of IT as its initial implementation plan.

1 SC 29 instructs its Secretariat to implement distribution of its documents via floppy disk to its members and related officers on the mailing list as of 1995-06-01 or sooner.

2 SC 29 requests its members, WGs, AGs, and related officers to submit all documents including ballots in electronic format either via floppy disk or electronic mail to the SC 29 Secretariat. The preferable format for submission is Microsoft Word version 2.0 or later. However, the other formats as per the JTC 1 electronic document distribution formatting except TTCN.MP format are also acceptable. In the case of not having electronic facilities, paper copies are acceptable upon request.

3 SC 29 instructs its AGM to monitor the above plan and report on its effectiveness and problems, if any, at its seventh plenary meeting, 1995-11-13/15, Dallas, US.


Resolution 95-03/No.8 Comments on ISO/IEC DTR 13233

SC 29 requests its members to submit comments, if any, to Mr. Richard Clark on ISO/IEC DTR 13233, Information technology - Interpretation of accreditation requirements in ISO/IEC Guide 25 - for Information Technology and telecommunication testing laboratories for software and protocol testing services. If no comments are forthcoming, this activity will terminate as the SC 21/JWG 9 no longer exists..


Resolution 95-03/No.9 Establishment of Study Group on CyberWorld Coding (CWC)

1 SC 29 accepts the proposal for the establishment of study group on CyberWorld Coding (CWC) as given in SC 29 N 1133 Rev. and approves its study period;

2 SC 29 establishes its study group on CWC as of 1995-03-25 ending 1995-11-15. The group will evaluate the proposal and submit a draft NP, if applicable, to the seventh SC 29 plenary meeting, 1995-11-13/15, Dallas, US, for consideration;

3 SC 29 encourages its members, AGM and WGs to participate in the group; it is recommended that electronic mail access be required of their representatives;

4 SC 29 appoints Dr. Hiroshi Yasuda as the Rapporteur of the group;

5 SC 29 approves a call to this study group meeting, 1995-07-25, Tokyo, Japan (during the period of WG 11 and WG 12 meetings.)


Resolution 95-03/No.10 Explanatory Reports on "copyright_identifier"

SC 29 accepts the explanatory report on "copyright_identifier" for ISO/IEC 13818-1, -2 and -3 as given in SC 29 N 1137. SC 29 instructs its Secretariat to forward the report to the ISO/IEC JTAG 2 for review. SC 29 also instructs WG 1 and WG 12 to prepare similar explanatory reports for JTAG 2's review at its seventh meeting, 1995-10-04/06, Boston, US.


Resolution 95-03/No.11 WG 11 Secretariat

SC 29 requests its P-members to find means to provide WG 11 Secretariat support during the meetings, to enable timely and accurate execution of the WG 11 workplan. Because of the large amount of communication required between WG 11 and the SC 29 Secretariat, it is desirable for the new Secretariat support to have a close working relationship with the SC 29 Secretariat.

Approval: Belgium; France; Germany; Israel; Italy; Rep. of Korea; Norway; Sweden; UK; US;
Disapproval: None;
Abstention: Japan.

Resolution 95-03/No.12 Appreciation to Mr. Keith Brannon

SC 29 expresses its appreciation to Mr. Keith Brannon of the ISO/IEC ITTF for his participation in the plenary meeting and his support to the work of SC 29.


Resolution 95-03/No.13 Appreciation to SC 29/AGM and Dr. Tom Casey

SC 29 expresses its appreciation to its AGM members, especially to Dr. Tom Casey, the AGM Convener, for their outstanding contribution to the plenary meeting.


Resolution 95-03/No.14 Appreciation to Liaison Representatives from ITU-T SG 15

SC 29 expresses its appreciation to the following liaison representatives from ITU-T SG 15 for their participation in the plenary meeting and their continued efforts to bring about successful collaboration between ITU-T SG 15 and SC 29: Mr. P.A. Probst, Chairman, ITU-T SG 15; Mr. Fabio Bigi, TSB/ITU Counsellor.


Resolution 95-03/No.15 Appreciation to the Drafting Committee

SC 29 expresses its appreciation to the following members of the drafting committee for their excellent work:

Mrs. Francoise Colaitis, France;
Dr. Istvan Sebestyen, Germany;
Dr. Tom Casey, UK;
Mr. Fritz Whittington, US;
Mr. Michael Nier, US;
Mrs. Narumi Hirose, Secretariat.


Resolution 95-03/No.16 Appreciation to the SC 29 Officers

SC 29 expresses its appreciation to its Chairman and Secretariat, its AGM Convener and Secretariat and its WG Conveners for their efforts in support of the work of SC 29.


Resolution 95-03/No.17 Appreciation to the Host

SC 29 expresses its appreciation to the host organization:
Schweizerische Normen-Vereinigung (SNV),
the meeting organizer:
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL),
and the following individuals for their generous invitation and excellent meeting facilities:
Mr. Peter Scheibli, SNV;
Prof. Murat Kunt, EPFL;
Dr. Touradj Ebrahimi, EPFL;
Ms. Isabellle Bezzi, EPFL.