ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 N 14278
DATE: 2014-06-20

Coding of Audio, Picture, Multimedia and Hypermedia Information
Secretariat: Japan (JISC)

DOC. TYPE Meeting Report
TITLE Meeting Report, the 26th SC 29 Plenary Meeting, 2013-08-03, Vienna, Austria
SOURCE Secretariat, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29
STATUS Draft report to be reviewed by SC 29 [Requested action: For review by SC 29 at the 27th SC 29 plenary meeting]
DISTRIBUTION P, O and L Members of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 ; ISO/IEC JTC 1 Secretariat; ISO/IEC ITTF
ISSUE NO. 1546

Secretariat ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 - IPSJ/ITSCJ (Information Processing Society of Japan/Information Technology Standards Commission of Japan)* Room 308-3, Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg., 3-5-8, Shiba-Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011 Japan *Standard Organization Accredited by JISC
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Meeting Report
The 26th ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 Plenary Meeting
2013-08-03, Vienna, Austria

The 26th ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 Plenary meeting was held on Saturday, 2013-08-03, at Austria Trend Eventhotel Pyramide. The Plenary meeting followed the WG 11 meeting, 2013-07-29/08-02, at Austria Trend Eventhotel Pyramide. Austrian Standards Institute hosted these meetings. Mr. Kohtaro Asai, the SC 29 Chairman, presided at the Plenary meeting.

1 Opening
The SC 29 Chairman opened the Plenary meeting at approximately 09:00 a.m. on 2013-08-03. On behalf of the host organization, Dr. Christian Timmerer welcomed the participants.

2 Roll Call
A total of 23 participants representing P-members and Liaisons were in attendance (ref. attendance list: attachment 1).

3 Drafting Committee
The NBs of France, Switzerland, and US nominated members for the drafting committee. SC 29 appointed them and the SC 29 Secretariat as members:

4 Agenda
SC 29 adopted the final draft agenda (ref. final agenda: attachment 2).

5 Previous Meeting Report
There were no comments received on the draft meeting report of the 25th SC 29 Plenary meeting, 2012-07-21, Stockholm, Sweden. SC 29 approved it (ref. SC 29 N 13565).

6 Report and Review - JTC 1
Mr. Kohtaro Asai, the SC 29 Chairman, reported on the recent JTC 1 activities affecting SC 29 mainly based on the Resolutions taken at the 26th JTC 1 Plenary meeting, 2012-11-05/10, Jeju Island, Korea (ref. SC 29 N 13153, JTC 1 N 11429). The Chairman focused participants' attention on the following Resolutions:

7 Reports and Review - SC 29
7.1 SC 29 Chairman
The SC 29 Chairman presented the draft Business Plan of SC 29 (ref. SC 29 N 13557). The SC 29 Chairman promised to provide the SC 29 AGM members with a revised draft Business Plan by 2013-08-27.

7.2 SC 29 Secretariat
In accordance with Resolution 4 taken at the 12th JTC 1 Plenary meeting, noting up-to-date Secretariat report information was available and accessible from the SC 29 Web site, no Secretariat report was submitted.
The SC 29 Secretary pointed out the status of SC 29 P-members participation, and notified that the status would be submitted to the ISO/IEC ITTF.

7.3 WG 1
Prof. Touradj Ebrahimi, the representative of WG 1, reported on the activities of WG 1 based on the results of the following four meetings:

Prof. Touradj Ebrahimi reported mainly on Resolutions of the latest WG 1 meeting, new activities of WG 1 like JPEG Privacy, JPEG AR, JPEG XT.

7.4 WG 11
Dr. Leonardo Chiariglione, the WG 11 Convener, reported on the activities of WG 11 based on the results of the following four meetings:

Dr. Leonardo Chiariglione reported mainly on Resolutions of the latest WG 11 meeting.

Dr. Marius Preda reported the progress of Joint AhG on Mixed and Augmented Reality between SC 24/SC 29 (JAhG).
SC 29 endorsed the Terms of reference of JAhG. Also, SC 29 decided to report the progress of JAhG to JTC 1.

7.5 SC 29/Maintenance Task Force on ISO/IEC 13522 Series
There was no report for this meeting.

7.6 Advisory Group on Management (AGM)
Prof. Touradj Ebrahimi gave an oral report on AGM. Also, members discussed the problems of ISO Patent declaration database.

ISO Patent declaration database
SC 29 expresses concern that the Patent Database maintained by ISO appears to have a number of problems. This issue has been circulated as Resolution 7.

7.7 National Body Contribution
SC 29 reviewed the following contributions.

SC 29 decided to have a suggestion to strengthen collaboration between WG 1 and WG 11 in the Resolutions.

8 Reports and Review on Liaison

8.1 Review of SC 29 Liaison Relationships
SC 29 reviewed its Liaisons (ref. List of L-Members). SC 29's decisions are in 8.2 - 8.4.

8.2 New Liaison
There was no Liaison requests for this meeting.

8.3 Liaison Representatives
SC 29 reviewed the list of the SC 29 liaison representative. There were no changes on Liaison Representatives. The latest Liaison Representatives are listed on the Website (ref. List of L-Members).

8.4 Reports of Liaison Officers
The following document has been made available by Dr. Kate Grant to SC 29 members:

SC 29 reviewed the resolutions in this document.

9 SC 29 Programme of Work

9.1 Modifications to Current SC 29 Programme of Work
SC 29 examined its Programme of Work in detail, and approved the following modifications to it:

1) Subdivision

2) Minor Enhancements 3) Change of Title

9.2 Progression of Work Items
SC 29 approved the progression of the following work items on condition that substantial support is received from the NBs and Disposition of Comments reports dispose all comments accompanying negative votes:

SC 29 updated target dates for progression of the work items (Ref. SC 29 N 13701).

9.3 Project Editors
SC 29 reviewed the list of SC 29 project editors. SC 29 newly appointed 5 project editors.
The list of newly appointed project editors were included in the Resolutions.

9.4 Collaborative Project with ITU-T
There were no changes to the existing projects.

9.5 Systematic Review
SC 29 recommended the confirmation of the following ISs at its systematic review period in 2015:
Systematic Review 2015
ISO/IEC 23002-4:2010
ISO/IEC 9281-1:1990
ISO/IEC 9281-2:1990
ISO/IEC 24800-3:2010
ISO/IEC 21000-19:2010
ISO/IEC 10918-4:1999
ISO/IEC 11172-1:1993
ISO/IEC 11172-2:1993
ISO/IEC 11172-3:1993
ISO/IEC 11544:1993
ISO/IEC 13818-10:1999
ISO/IEC 14495-1:1999
ISO/IEC 16500-1:1999
ISO/IEC 16500-2:1999
ISO/IEC 16500-3:1999
ISO/IEC 16500-4:1999
ISO/IEC 16500-5:1999
ISO/IEC 16500-6:1999
ISO/IEC 16500-7:1999
ISO/IEC 16500-8:1999
ISO/IEC 16500-9:1999
ISO/IEC 23000-12:2010
ISO/IEC 29199-4:2010
ISO/IEC 15938-9:2005
ISO/IEC 15938-10:2005
ISO/IEC 21000-9:2005
ISO/IEC 23003-2:2010
ISO/IEC 29199-3:2010
ISO/IEC 23007-1:2010
ISO/IEC 24800-4:2010

9.6 ISO/IEC Certificate of Appreciation
SC 29 nominated 142 individuals as recipients of the ISO/IEC Certificates. The list of recipients of ISO/IEC Certificates were included in the Resolutions.

10 Meeting Schedule
SC 29 approved the following meeting schedule:

11 Any Other Business
There was no item.

12 Resolutions
SC 29 approved appreciation for Ms. Yukiko Ogura, former Secretary of SC 29.
Including this appreciation, SC 29 adopted resolutions as in SC 29 N 13647.

14 Close of Meeting
SC 29 expressed sincere gratitude to a number of individuals who had contributed to SC 29's work. The SC 29 Chairman closed the meeting.

Attachment 1: Attendance List

Attachment 2: Final Agenda

Attachment 1

Attendance List

P-members (22) Austria (2), Belgium (1), China (3), France (2), Germany (1), Italy (1), Japan (1), Korea (1), Poland (1), Sweden (1), Switzerland (1), UK (1), USA (6)

O-members (0)


L-members (0)


Officers (4)

SC 29 Chairman, SC 29 Secretariat, SC 29/WG 11 Convener, SC 29/AGM Convener

(23 in total)

Mr. Kohtaro Asai
SC 29 Chairman
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Mr. Shinji Watanabe 
SC 29 Secretariat
Dr. Christian Timmerer
Delegate, Austria
Klagenfurt University
Mr. Karl Stumwohrer
Delegate, Austria
Austrian Standards Institute
Dr. Peter Schellekens
Delegate, Belgium
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Mr. Linpeng Gao
Delegate, China
China Electronics Standardization Institute (CESI)
Ms. Jingxin Li
Delegate, China
China Electronics Standardization Institute (CESI)
Ms. Jing Zhao
Delegate, China
Shanghai Research Institute of China Telecom Corporation Limited
Dr. Marius Preda
Delegate, France
Institut National des Telecommunications
Prof. Touradj Ebrahimi
AGM Convener, Delegate, Switzerland [HoD]
Dr. Leonardo Chiariglione
WG 11 Convener, Delegate, Italy [HoD]
Prof. Francoise Preteux 
French Delegate [HoD]
MINES ParisTech
Mr. Gero Baese
Delegate, Germany [HoD]
Siemens AG
Corporate Technology
Dr. Seishi Takamura 
Delegate, Japan [HoD]
NTT Cyber Space Laboratories
NTT Corporation
Prof. Seoung-Jun Oh
Delegate, Rep. of Korea [HoD]
Kwangwoon University
Prof. Marek Domanski
Delegate, Poland
Pozan University of Technology
Dr. Per Frojdh 
Sweden Delegate [HoD], 3GPP
Ericsson AB
Ericsson Research
Dr Andrew G. Tescher 
Delegate, USA [HoD]
Microsoft Corporation
Dr. Anthony Vetro 
Delegate, USA, CEA
Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs
Dr. Arianne T. Hinds
Delegate, USA
Cable Television Laboratories
Mr. Walt Husak
Delegate, USA
Dolby Labs
Mr. Gary Sullivan
Delegate, USA
Microsoft Corporation
Mr. Ken McCann 
Delegate, United Kingdom

Attachment 2

Final Agenda

Meeting Name

The 26th ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 Plenary Meeting


2013-08-03 (09:00)

Co-located Meeting

ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 11 Meeting, 2013-07-29/08-02

Meeting Place

Austria Trend Eventhotel Pyramide (Room: Europa 3)
Address: Parkallee 2, 2334 Vosendorf
Vienna, Austria


Austrian Standards Institute

Host Contact

Dr. Christian Timmerer
Tel: +43 463-2700-3621
E-mail: christian.timmerer @


Japanese Industrial Standards Committee (JISC)
at the following address:

Mr. Shinji Watanabe
Secretariat, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29
Room 308-3 Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg
3-5-8 Shiba-Koen Minato-ku
Tokyo 105-0011 Japan
Tel: +81-3-3431-2808
Fax: +81-3-3431-6493
E-mail: watanabe @


As of 2013-07-31, the Web/FTP server has been down because of security issue.
On behalf of the SC 29 general FTP server, a zip file locates on the ISO TC Portal at:
(need to log in to ISO TC Portal)

When the Web/FTP server will recovered, a zip file containing this draft agenda and all linked documents to the agenda is available at:
FTP Address:
Directory: /private/sc29/29docs/29plenary/
File Name:

Draft Agenda
01 Opening of Meeting (09:00 am)
01.01 Opening Remarks Mr. Kohtaro Asai
01.02 Welcoming Remarks Host
02 Roll Call of Participants
03 Appointment of Drafting Committee
04 Adoption of Agenda
05 Approval of Previous Meeting Report

  • SC 29 N 13565 (25th SC 29 Plenary meeting)
  • Change of Secretary
  • Report of service suspension of SC 29 Website
SC 29 Secretariat
06 Reports and Review: JTC 1
06.01 JTC 1
  • SC 29 N 13153 (Resolutions, 27th JTC 1 Plenary meeting)
  • SC 29 N 13353 (Recommendations, JTC 1 SWG-Directives Meeting, 2013-03-18/20)
  • Other issues related to JTC 1
Mr. Kohtaro Asai
07 Reports and Review: SC 29
07.01 SC 29 Chairman Mr. Kohtaro Asai
07.02 SC 29 Secretariat
  • SC 29 VI 03 (Status of P-members participation 1: Meeting)
  • SC 29 VI 04 (Status of P-members participation 2: Ballot)
Mr. Shinji Watanabe
07.03 SC 29/WG 1 Prof. Touradj Ebrahimi
representing Dr. Daniel T. Lee
07.04 SC 29/WG 11 Dr. Leonardo Chiariglione
07.05 SC 29/Maintenance Task Force on ISO/IEC 13522 Series Prof. Wataru Kameyama
07.06 SC 29/Advisory Group on Management (AGM) Prof. Touradj Ebrahimi
07.07 National Body Contribution
08 Reports and Review: ISO and Liaisons
08.01 Liaison
08.02 Request for New Liaison
08.03 Liaison Representatives
08.04 Liaison Report
09 Programme of Work
09.01 Modifications to the Programme of Work
09.02 Progression of Work Items/Target Dates
09.03 Project Editors
09.04 Collaborative Project with ITU-T

09.05 Systematic Review
09.06 ISO/IEC Certificates
10 Meeting Schedule Japan
11 Any Other Business
12 Resolutions
13 Close of Meeting