ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 N 1969
DATE: 1997-03-12
OUR REF.: 29CL375/29F048/29D128/
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Coding of Audio, Picture, Multimedia and Hypermedia Information

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TITLE Agreement on Exchange of Information between ISO/IEC JTC 1 and European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) [JTC 1 N 4536]
SOURCE Secretariat, ISO/IEC JTC 1
STATUS In accordance with Resolution 9 taken at the tenth JTC 1 plenary meeting, 1996-12-10-13, Paris, France, JTC 1 has accepted this document and the JTC 1 Secretariat has submitted this document to the ISO and IEC Councils for endosement.
REFERENCES  SC 29 N 1890 (JTC 1 N 4474): Resolutions, 10th JTC 1 plenary meeting
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ISO/IEC JTC 1 N 4472

DATE: 1997.02.07


Other document

Agreement on Exchange of Information Between ISO/IEC JTC 1 and ETSI

JTC 1 Secretariat


As per JTC 1 Paris resolution 9, JTC 1 accepts N 4472 as the Agreement on Exchange of Information Between ISO/IEC JTC 1 and ETSI. This document is forwarded to ISO and IEC Councils for endorsement.



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Mr. K. Brannon, ITTF




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JTC 1 N 4472

Title : Agreement on Exchange of information between ISO/IEC JTC1 and ETSI

Review of the Draft agreement on Exchange of Information between ISO/IEC JTC1 and ETSI has taken place at the ISO/IEC JTC 1 plenary on Dec 10, 96, and at the ETSI General Assembly on Dec 11, 96. The appended document has been accepted by both parties as the final text of the agreement.

The 27th ETSI General Assembly has formally endorsed the document on Dec 11,96. This document is now presented for formal approval of JTC1 Plenary as referenced in Resolution ...

ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee 1 (JTC1)

European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)

Agreement on exchange of information between ISO/IEC JTC1 and ETSI (*1)

1 Basis for co-operation

The independent development by different standardization bodies of standards on the same or similar subject matter is wasteful of resources, risks confusion in the market place, and can result in conflicting requirements being specified in authoritative documents being published by different bodies.

Collaboration should occur wherever possible to ensure that all interested parties have equal opportunity to participate jointly in standardization activity with common goals. The resulting standards will thus have been prepared through a single, open mechanism and will be given equal status by all relevant participating authorities.

Therefore in the spirit of following these principles and achieving mutually beneficial collaboration, this Agreement has been concluded in order to facilitate the exchange of technical information between ISO/IEC JTC1 and ETSI and has been approved by ISO and IEC Councils, ISO/IEC JTC1 Plenary Resolution . . . . . . .. and by the 27th ETSI General Assembly.

2 General exchange of information at Central Secretariat and ETSI Secretariat level

The Central Secretariat shall regularly issue to the ETSI Secretariat:

The ISO/IEC JTC1 Secretariat and relevant subcommittees shall provide to the ETSI Secretariat:

The ETSI Secretariat and relevant TCs and ETSI Projects shall provide the Central Secretariat and ISO/IEC JTC1with:

Further exchange of available general information shall be possible.

3 Co-operation on standards between ISO/IEC JTC1 and ETSI

3.1 Co-operation by correspondence

ISO/IEC JTC1 and ETSI shall establish a list of ISO/IEC JTC1/SCs and TCs and Projects within ETSI's Technical Organization which have technical activities of common interest, and shall establish appropriate liaisons and procedures for exchange of documents. The list shall also indicate the names of the ISO/IEC JTC1/SC committee secretariats and relevant ETSI contact points.

3.2 Co-operation through mutual representation at meetings

ISO/IEC JTC1 will grant A or C liaison with any of its subcommittees for which co-operation with ETSI is considered to be mutually beneficial. ISO/IEC JTC1 will reciprocally have the right to nominate liaison officers to attend meetings of ETSI technical bodies.

Appropriate designated representatives of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC/WGs may have direct contact with relevant ETSI TCs and Projects and their subordinate technical groups, and representatives may attend meetings of these committees, and of WGs at the invitation of the parent body.

Appropriate designated representatives of relevant ETSI TCs and Projects and their subordinate technical groups may attend meetings of JTC1/SCs and of WGs at the invitation of the parent body.

4 Adoption of existing International Standards as ETSI European Standards

Subject to the relevant Agreements between CEN, CENELEC and ETSI, ISO/IEC Standards may be adopted by ETSI as European Standards. When an ISO/IEC standard is proposed for adoption, the ETSI Secretariat shall send copies of the documentation to the Central secretariat which shall inform ISO/IEC JTC1. Normally the result of the procedure will be that the ISO/IEC Standard is adopted by ETSI without change. If, however, ETSI considers that changes are necessary the proposed modifications shall be forwarded to the relevant JTC1 subcommittee for consideration. If ISO/IEC JTC1 agrees to the changes, the standard shall be revised. Otherwise, ETSI will need to prepare a modified standard.

ISO/IEC JTC1 shall be notified of the adoption by the Central secretariat and will take this into account when reviewing proposals for revision, confirmation or withdrawal.

5 Monitoring

5.1 Joint co-ordination meetings

ISO/IEC JTC1 subcommittees and ETSI TCs and Projects dealing with the same subject matter may organize joint meetings to discuss matters of mutual interest.

6 Implementation of the Agreement

ISO/IEC JTC1 and ETSI shall take the necessary steps to develop appropriate mechanisms for the practical implementation of the Agreement.

In the event of difficulties arising in the performance of the Agreement, ISO/IEC JTC1 and ETSI shall reporttheir Plenary meeting and the General Assembly respectively (*3).

NOTE - The implementation of the Agreement is to be considered as being within the framework of ISO/IEC JTC1 and ETSI procedures and their possible future amendments.

The copyright of text originated by one party and published by the other shall remain with the originating party, but a royalty-free licence for its use is granted under the present Agreement, provided that due acknowledgement is made.

7 Duration of the Agreement

This Agreement shall remain in force until such time that ISO/IEC JTC1 or ETSI request its revision or its termination giving one years notice.


(*1) The exchange of information should be with ETSI as a whole, not just the GA

(*2) The ETSI General Assembly has decided that in future, European Standards prepared by the Institute, which undergo the full Public Enquiry and formal Vote shall be termed "ENs". There will also be additional, membership-approved publications