ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 N 1984
DATE: 1997-03-23
OUR REF.: 29CL378/29F051/29D131/


Coding of Audio, Picture, Multimedia and Hypermedia Information

Secretariat: Japan (JISC)

DOC. TYPE Meeting Report
TITLE Meeting Report, the Ninth ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 1 Meeting, 1996-11-11/15, Palo Alto, California, USA [JTC 1/SC 29/WG 1 N 480R]
SOURCE Convener, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 1 and Rapporteur, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 1/SG on JBIG
STATUS Draft meeting report to be reviewed by SC 29/WG 1
REFERENCES SC 29 N 1832: Resolutions
REQUESTED ACT. For SC 29's information
DISTRIBUTION P-, O- and L-members, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29
Officers, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29
Secretariat, ISO/IEC JTC 1

Narumi Hirose, Secretariat, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29
IPSJ/ITSCJ*, Room 308-3, Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg., 3-5-8, Shiba-Koen, Minato-Ku Tokyo 105 Japan
Telephone: +81-3-3431-2808; Facsimile: +81-3-3431-6493;
Telex: 2425340 IPSJ J; E-mail:
* Information Processing Society of Japan/Information Technology Standards Commission of Japan (A standards organization accredited by JISC)

ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 1 N480R
Date: 1997 March 17



Coding of Still Pictures


Joint Bi-level Image Joint Photographic
Experts Group Experts Group

TITLE: Meeting Report, the Ninth Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC29/WG1, 1996-11-11/15, Palo Alto, California, USA
SOURCE: Daniel T. Lee - WG1 Convener, Fumitaka Ono - JBIG Rapporteur
STATUS: Meeting Report approved at 10th WG1 Dijon Meeting
REQUESTED ACTION: For information
DISTRIBUTION: WG1 and SC29 Secretariat


ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 1 Convener - Dr. Daniel T. Lee
Hewlett-Packard Company, 11000 Wolfe Road, MS-42U0, Cupertino, California 95014, USA
Tel: +1 408 4447 4160, Fax: +1 408 447 2842, E-mail:

ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 1 N 480

Date: 1996 December 31
TITLE: Meeting Report, the Ninth Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG1, 1996-11-11/15, Palo Alto, California, USA
SOURCE: Daniel T. Lee - WG1 Convener, Fumitaka Ono - JBIG Rapporteur

1. Opening of the Meeting

The 9th Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG1 meeting was opened at 9:10am, Monday, November 11, 1996 at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Palo Alto, California, USA. The meeting was hosted by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and organized by Hewlett-Packard Company, USA. The local host was Dr. Daniel Lee, with Ms Gina Massey-Parnis assisting as administrative secretary for the meeting.

1.1 Roll call

Attendance was taken. The list of participants is given in Annex 1.

2. Approval of Agenda

The meeting agenda (N405R) was approved without revision. See Annex 2.

3. Organisation of this meeting

3. 1 Registration and allocation of contributions

The document register (N406R), is attached as Annex 3.

3.2 Meeting time allocation

The meeting time allocation was approved.

3.3 Nomination of Drafting Committee

A Drafting Committee for resolution drafting was formed. The following experts accepted the nomination to be members of the committee: Mr. Martin Boliek (USA), Mr. Jean BARDA (France), Dr. Scott Foshee (USA), Mr. Ikuro Ueno (Japan) and Mr. Richard Clark (UK).

4. Reports of the previous meeting and the interim period

4.1 Appoval of Eibsee Meeting Report

The Eibsee meeting report (8th WG1 meeting) was approved (N403).

4.2 Resolutions of 8th SC29 Plenary Meeting, Tampere, Finland

Reoslutions relevant to WG1 from 8th SC29 Plenary Meeting was reviewed (N409). The report of AGM ad-hoc meeting highlighting the section concerning JPEG2000 was reviewed (N427).

4.3 Emmy Award press release

The press release on the Emmy Award to SC29 (MPEG and JPEG) was presented (N410). Dr. Hiroshi Yasuda, SC29 chairman brought the Emmy statue to the meeting and to the social function on Wednesday, 11-13-96, where members' photographs with the Emmy statue were taken.

5 Liaisons and correspondences

5.1 Liaisons from SC29

The reply from ISO/ITTF on copyright notice of JPEG Part 3, Annex F, SPIFF, was reviewed. A resolution (N465, Res. 8) was passed authorizing the publication of SPIFF specification on JPEG website.

The summary of voting on combined ballot on CD Registration and CD Consideration in JPEG Part 4 (N429) was reviewed. Disposition of comments report was generated (N449) and was approved by WG1 (N465, Res. 5).

5.2 Liaisons from ITU

Liaison from ITU (N420) by Dr. Istvan Sebestyen, who could not attend the meeting, was reviewed. The proposed change of term from "Collaborative Interchange" to "Collaborative Team" was discussed. Further clarification to the meaning of the proposed change and impact to the current working relationship between SC29 and ITU-SG8 were requested. The Convener would communicate with Dr. Sebestyen for clarification.

Liaisons from ITU (N430, N431) on JBIG was handled at the JBIG meeting.

Liaisons from ITU (N447, N451) on T.85 use of JBIG for FAX were handled at the the JBIG meeting.

5.3 Liaison from SC11

Liaison from SC11 on registration of data compression algorithms (N428) was reviewed. A return liaison statement was generated (N476) and was approved by WG1 (N465, Res. 12).

5.4 Liaison from TC42/WG18

Liaison from TC42/WG18 on their new projects on photography (N426) was reviewed. No action was taken as the liaison was for information in nature.

6. Project JTC (JPEG Part 3)

6.1 Report on final publication of ISO/IEC 10918-3

As of the meeting date, there was still no news concerning the status of final publication of JPEG Part 3. The Convener will check with SC29 Secretariat on the status.

6.2 Report on implementation of SPIFF

The following contributions were presented (N432, N435, N436, N437, N438).

A liaison group to WG11 was established to take harmonize multimedia object identification based on SPIFF. The objective is to adopt an universal process for identification of all multimedia objects. The liaison for the Marceio WG11 meeting consists of Mr. Jean Barda, Mr. Claude Rollin and Mr. Jean-Michel Borde, all from the French National Body. Three resolutions were passed by WG1 on the above liaison (N465, Res. 14, 15, 16).

WG1 also requested, in a resolution (N465, Res. 10), Dr. Scott Foshee to communicate SPIFF specification to SC24/WSG7 to further disseminate the SPIFF file format to other standards committees.

6.3 FlashPix Imaging Format

A presentation was given on the FlashPix Imaging Format, an industry standard developed by Hewlett-Packard, Kodak, Microsoft and Live Picture, Inc. (N422). WG1 passed a resolution (N465, Res. 9) requesting the FlashPix consortium to make the next release of FlashPix SPIFF compliant.

7. Project JTC (Lossless Compression of Continuous-tone Still Pictures)

7.1 Final results of Eibsee meeting

Progress from the 8th WG1 meeting in Eibsee, Germany was reviewed.

7.2 Report on results after Eibsee meeting

The following documents on the progress since Eibsee meeting were presented:

N412, N413, N414, N415, N418, N421, N441, N446, N457.

7.3 Discussion on high performance mode

The following contributions on JPEG-LS high performance mode was discussed:

N458, N467.

7.4 Patent Issues

Two documents were presented: N411, N417.

WG1 passed a resolution (N465, Res. 13) requesting all organizations holding patents required for implementation of JPEG-LS baseline to make them available free of royalties and licensing fees.

7.5 Editing committee on Working Draft

Document N452 was discussed. The JPEG-LS Editing Committee: Mr. Richard Clark - Editor (UK), Dr. Nasir Memon , Dr. Joan Mitchell(USA), Dr. Guillermo Sapiro (USA), Dr. Michael Marcellin (USA) and Dr. Gadiel Seroussi (USA), continued to work on the JPEG-LS Working Draft, WD 14495 (N473) which was approved by WG1 (N465, Res. 2).

7.6 Plan for further development (as reported in N396)

The JPEG-LS ad-hoc group, chaired by Dr. Nasir Memon, issue a report (N472) which was passed by WG1 (N465, Res. 1). See Annex 4.

8. Project JTC 1.29.10 (Lossy/Lossless Coding of Bi-Level Images)

The JBIG Meeting Report by the JBIG Rapporteur, Dr. Ono, is contained in N479 and is attached as Annex 5.

9. Project JTC (10918-4) JPEG Part 4: Registration Procedure for JPEG Profile, APPn Marker, and SPIFF Profile ID

9.1 Report on results from Eibsee meeting

The summary of voting on combined ballot on CD Registration and CD Consideration for CD 10918-4, JPEG Part 4 (N429), was reviewed.

9.2 Disposition of comments on Committee Draft

A disposition of comments report on the summary of CD voting of CD 10918-4 was generated and passed by WG1 (N465, Res. 5).

The revised CD 10918-4 (N450R) was generated and passed by WG1 (N465, Res. 6). In the absense of Mr. Ken Whitson, Dr. James Kasner (USA) became the acting editor of CD 10918-4.

9.3 Plan for further development

The CD 10918-4 was submitted by the Convener to SC29 Secretariat for promotion to DIS.

10. Project JTC 1.29.9 Compression of Multiple-Component Still Pictures

10.1 Report on results from Eibsee meeting

Five proposals were received as contributions at the meeting: N442, N443, N444, N459. Presentations were made. The authors of N442, N443, however, were not present at the meeting and no presentations were given on those two proposals.

10.2 Formation of Ad Hoc Group

An ad hoc group on Multiple-Component Still Pictures was formed: Mr. Bernie Brower - chairman (USA), Dr. James Kasner (USA), Mr. Val Vaugh (USA) and Dr. Mike Marcellin (USA). A report, N464 (attached as Annex 9), was generated from the ad hoc group and was passed by WG1 (N465, Res. 3.)

10.3 Plan for further development

Test images will be collected at the next WG1 meeting and test plan will be introduced that includes visual and statistical measure of multi-component followed by JPEG against the current JPEG coding.

11. Proposal for New Work Item - Call for Proposal JPEG 2000

11.1 Report on results Eibsee meeting

The Convener informed the committee that there has been delay at the JTC1 level in the distribution of JPEG2000 NP ballot. As a result the results would not make it on time for consideration at the WG1 meeting.

11.2 Disposition of comments on NP proposal

No action as the results of the NP ballot did not make it on time for the WG1 meeting.

11.3 Formation of Ad Hoc Groups for JPEG2000

The following documents were presented concerning JPEG2000: N423, N424, N434, N454. An ad hoc group was formed, chaired by Dr. Scott Foshee (USA), to work on the information that will be needed from contributors to JPEG2000.

11.4 Plan for further development

The ad hoc group report, N460 (attached as Annex 6), and a document on JPEG2000 Test and Submission Package (N461) were generated and passed by WG1 (N465, Res. 4).

12. Report on Internet administration

12.1 WG1 Web-site

Mr. Richard Clark (UK), WG1 webmaster, reported that a demonstration site for WG1 has been prepared with the URL: .

12.2 Report from WG1 Webmaster

A report from Mr. Richard Clark (UK), WG1 webmaster, was issued (N474) and attached as Annex 7. The issue of funding of operating a WG1 web-site was raised and proposals are solicited at the next WG1 meeting.

13. Identify hosts and specify dates for future meetings

The meeting schedules for future WG1 meeting were passed by WG1 (N465, Res. 18):
1997March 17-21 Dijon, France
1997July 7-11 Sapporo, Japan
1997November 10-14 Sydney, Australia (co-located with SC29)
1998March Rochester, New York, USA (Tentative)
1998July 20-24 Berlin, Germany (tentative, co-located with SC29)
1999March undecided

14. Resolutions

The meeting resolutions are contained in document N465, attached as Annex 8.

15. Closing of the meeting

The meeting was closed at 12:10pm on Friday, 1996 November 15. WG1 expressed its sincere thanks and appreciation to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Hewlett-Packard Company for sponsoring and organizing the meeting.

Annex 1
Attendance List

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG1 9th Meeting, Palo Alto, California, USA

Country Last nameFirst Name Affiliation E-mail
CanadaKossentini FaouziUniversity of British Columbia
CanadaSwift SteveRedonda Industries Corp.
DenmarkMartins BoTechn. University of Denmark
FranceBORDE Jean-MichelAFNOR
FranceGILBERT FredericAlcatel Alsthom Recherche
IsraelSkeinin VadimECI Telecom
ItalyLavallee ThomasSGS Thomson Microelectronics
JapanKajiwara HiroshiCanon Inc.
JapanNomizu YasuyukiRicoh Company Ltd.
JapanOno FumitakaMitsubishi Electric Corp.
JapanUeno IkuroMitsubishi Electric Corp.
JapanYasuda HiroshiNTT
JapanYoshida TadashiCanon Inc.
NetherlandsKalker TonPhilips Research
UKClark RichardElysium Ltd.
USAArps RonIBM Almaden Research Center
USABoliek MartinRicoh California Research Center
USABrower BernieKodak
USAConstantliescu CornelIBM Almaden Research Center
USAFoshee Scott C.Booz Allen & Hamilton
USAGormish MikeRicoh
USAHoward PaulAT&T
USAKasner James H.Optivision
USALangdon GlenUC Santa Cruz
USALee DanielHewlett-Packard Company
USAMarcellini MichaelUniversity of Arizona
USAMcIntyre LloydXerox
USAMemon NasirNorthern Illinois University
USAMitchell JoanIBM T.J. Watson Res. Center
USARucklidge WilliamXerox Palo Alto Research Center
USASaprio GuillermoHewlett-Packard Company
USASeroussi GadielHewlett-Packard Company
USASpeck DonUC Santa Cruz
USAUrban StephenDelta Information Systems
USAVaughn ValThe Aerospace Corporation
USAWeinberger MarceloHewlett-Packard Company
USAWilkinson TimothyThe Aerospace Corporation
USAWilson DennisLockhead Martin

Annex 2
1.Open meeting
1.1Roll call
2.Approval of agenda
3.Organisation of this meeting
3.1Registration and allocation of contributions
3.2Finalize meeting time allocation
3.3Nomination of Resolutions Drafting Committee
4Report on the previous meeting and interim period
4.1Approval of Eibsee Meeting Report
4.2Resolution of 8th SC29 Plenary Meeting, Tampere, Finland
4.3Emmy Award press release
5Liaisons, correspondences, etc.
6.Project JTC (JPEG Part 3)
6.1Report on final publication status of ISO/IEC 10918-3
6.2Report on implementation of SPIFF
6.3FlashPix Imaging Format
7.Project JTC 1.29.12 - JPEG - LS (Lossless Compression of Continuous-tone Still Pictures)
7.1Final results of Eibsee meeting
7.2Report on results after Eibsee meeting
7.3Discussion on high performance mode
7.4Patent Issues
7.5Editing committee on Working Draft
7.6Plan for further development
8.Project JTC 1.29.10 - JBIG2 (Lossy/Lossless Coding of Bi-level Images)
8.1Final results from Eibsee meeting
8.2Report on results after Eibsee meeting
8.3Discussion on convergence of proposals
8.4Editing committee on Working Draft
8.5Plan for further development
8.6Patent issues
9.Project JTC (10918-4) JPEG Part 4: Registration Procedure for JPEG Profile, APPn Marker, and SPIFF Profile ID Marker
9.1Report on results from Eibsee meeting
9.2Disposition of comments on Committee Draft
9.3Plan for further development
10Project JTC 1.29.9 Compression of Multiple-Component Still Pictures
10.1Report on results from Eibsee meeting
10.2Formation of Ad Hoc Groups
10.3Plan for further development
11. Proposed New Work Item - Call for Proposal JPEG 2000
11.1Report on results from Eibsee meeting
11.2Disposition of comments on NP proposal
11.3Formation of Ad Hoc Groups for JPEG 2000
11.4Plan for further development
12.Report on Internet administration
12.1WG1 Web-site
12.2Report from WG1 Webmaster
13.Identify hosts and specify dates for future meetings
15.Close meeting

N33304/96 ConvenerCalling Notice and Logistical Information, Eighth Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG1 Notice
N33404/96 Lee/OnoDraft Meeting Agenda, Eighth Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG1 Agenda
N335R06/96 ConvenerDocument Register (WG1 8th, Eibsee Meeting) Info
N33603/96 Canon Inc.Licensing Terms of Canon Patent for JBIG Algorithm Contrib
N33705/96 Japan NBComment on SC29N1505 Comment
N33805/96 USNBComments on JPEG2000 Comment
N33905/96 Rucklidge (Xerox) Xerox Proposal for JBIG-2 Coding Contrib
N34006/96 Arps/Constantinescu Blocked Symbol Type (BST) Compression (IBM) oding Method for JBIG2 Contrib
N34106/96 Weinberger, Seroussi/Sapiro(HP) Fine-Tuning the Baseline Contrib
N34206/96 Weinberger, Seroussi/Sapiro(HP) LOCO-A: AN Arithmetic Coding Extension for LOCO-I Contrib
N34306/96 Weinberger Seroussi/Sapiro(HP) Baseline Working Draft Standard
N34406/96 Japan NBComment on SC29/WG1 N292R2(JPEG2000) Comment
N34506/96 Ono (Mitsubishi) Mitsuishi's license condition on JBIG resolution reduction patents Contrib
N34606/96 Howard (AT&T) Comments of JBIG-2 coder proposed by Xerox Comment
N34706/96 Hewlett-Packard Co. HP's Intentions to Grant Licenses Related to WG1 Contrib
N34806/96 Don Speck (UCSC) Implication of Restart Markers for JTC 1.29.12 Contrib
N34906/96 Don Speck (UCSC) Faster Context Reduction than "Recursive Subdivision" Contrib
N35006/96 Don Speck (UCSC) M-ary vs Binary Arithmetic Coding in ALCM2 Contrib
N35106/96 Don Speck (UCSC) Clarifying some details fo ALCM Contrib
N35206/96 Howard (AT&T) Jones algorithm for arithmetic coding, alternative to QM-Coder Contrib
N35306/96 Canon Inc.(Japan) Canon JBIG Patents Contrib
N35406/96 Constantinescu/Arps BST Extended, Symbol-Based Compression(BST-BSC) for JBIG2 Contrib
N35506/96 Ono (Mitsubishi) Mitsubishi's license policy on JTC .29.12 Contrib
N35606/96 Ueno/Ono (Mitsubishi) Proposed modification of low-complexity mode and comments on high-performance Contrib
N35706/96 Kossentini/So/Swift (UBC) Recommended Improvements to AT&T's Proposal Contrib
N35805/96 Fabien MOUTARD (Alcatel) Comments on JPEG2000 Comment
N35906/96 UK NBUK contribution - possible NWI Contrib
N36006/96 Clark (UK)Prototype Web Page presence, WG1 Contrib
N36106/96 Clark (UK)Personal contribution, PNG and W3C liaison Contrib
N36206/96 BARDA (France) Review of N307Contrib
N36306/96 BARDA (France) N307 Registration Authority Contrib
N36406/96 BARDA (France) REGAUT Specification Contrib
N36506/96 BARDA (France) SPIFF implementation Contrib
N36606/96 BARDA (France) Proposition for new SPIFF tags Contrib
N36706/96 BARDA (France) SPIFF tags registration process Contrib
N36806/96 BARDA (France) Tiling implementation Contrib
N36906/96 BARDA (France) X to SPIFF conversion and back Contrib
N37006/96 BARDA (France) SPIFF content viewer Contrib
N37106/96 BARDA (France) European JPEG promotion Contrib
N37206/96 ROLLIN (France) JPEG promotion and press review Contrib
N37306/96 BARDA (France) SPIDER experimentation Contrib
N37406/96 BARDA (France) JPEG in EC programs Info
N37506/96 BARDA (France) Set of images from Epernay Info
N37606/96 BARDA (France) MPEG image registration similar to SPIDER Contrib
N37706/96 Yoshida/Kajiwara (Canon, Japan) A proposal of predicted value control and symbol packing Contrib
N37806/96 Japanese NB Invitation to Sapporo for July 1997 WG1 meeting Notice
N37906/96 Forchhammer/Martins (Denmark) Test Images for JBIG-2 Info
N38006/96 Martins/Forchhammer (Denmark) Proposal for modification of JBIG-2 decoder Contrib
N38106/96 McIntyre (ITU-T SG8) Meeting Report - Mixed Raster Content Mode Minutes
N38206/96 WG11 - MPEG4 MPEG-4 Video Verification Model Ver.2.1 Contrib
N38306/96 McIntyre (Xerox) Performance Data of 3-Layer vs JPEG for Mixed Raster Images Contrib
N38406/96 WG1CD 10918-4 (JPEG Part 4-Tag registration) Standard
N38506/96 Landgon (UCSC) Comments on "Method of Encoding and Decoding Arbitrary Images based on a Probability Distribution"
N38606/96 Weinberger/Seroussi/Sapiro (HP) Effect of resets and number of contexts on the baseline Contrib
N38706/96 WG11MPEG-4 Project Description Contrib
N38806/96 CASTAGNO (EPFL, Switzerland) An Overview on the Current Status of MPEG-4 Info
N38906/96 Yoshida/Kajiwara (Canon, Japan) Additional explanation on N377 Contrib
N39006/96 WG1New work item proposal: JPEG 2000 Image Coding system Standard
N39106/96 Forshee (SC24) SC24/WG7: Imaging Info
N39206/96 SC24/WG7Second WD 12087-5 BIIF Standard
N39306/96 WG1/JBIGProposed hierarchical structure for JBIG2 data Contrib
N39406/96 WG1/JBIGJBIG Convergence Report Info
N39506/96 Wu/MemonComments and suggestions on further (Canada/USA) compression gains Comment
N39606/96 JPEG-LS AHG JPEG-LS Ad-Hoc Group Report Minutes
N39706/96 Wu (Hong Kong) Patent Statement from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Re: CALIC) Info
N39806/96 WG1 Convener Resolutions of the 8th meeting Minutes
N39906/96 WG1/JPEGWD-14495, JPEG-LS Standard
N40006/96 WG1Call for Proposal - Compression Across Multicomponent Images Standard
N401R06/96 Arps (IBM, USA) Space of proposed coding methods for JBIG2 Contrib
N40206/96 F. OnoReport of SG on JBIG meeting held in Eibsee, Germany Minutes
N40206/96 WG1 Convener Meeting Report on WG1 8th Meeting, Eibsee, Germany Minutes
N40306/96 WG1 Convenor Meeting Report on WG1 8th Meeting, Eibsee, Germany Minutes
N40408/96 WG1 Convenor Calling Notice, 9th meeting of WG1, Palo Alto, California Notice
N40508/96 WG1 Convenor Draft meeting agenda, 9th meeting of WG1, Palo Alto, California Agenda
N40611/96 WG1 Convenor Document Register (WG1 8th Eibsee Meeting) Info
N40711/96 ISO/ITTFCopy notice of ISO/IEC 10918-3 Annex F (SPIFF)
N40811/96 KodakPermission to use JBIG test images
N40911/96 SC29Resolutions, 8th ISO/IEC JTC/SC29 Plenary Meeting 1996-07-15/17, Tampere, Finland
N41011/96 SC29Emmy Award to JPEG
N41111/96 Sapiro, et al Intellectual Property on JPEG-LS: HP's Position
N41211/96 Sapiro, et al Palettes and sample-mapping in JPEG-LS
N41311/96 Sapiro, et al A compression comparison of baseline JPEG-LS and PNG
N41411/96 Sapiro, et al JPEG-LS: Additions to working document
N41511/96 Sapiro, et al JPEG-LS: The demo
N41611/96 Japan NBRequest on the licensing condition of JBIG
N41711/96 Japan NBJapanese Patents related to JPEG-LS LC Mode
N41811/96 Ueno/OnoArithmetic Type MELCODE: a multiplication free binary arithmetic coding
N41911/96 Ueno/OnoExperiments to reduce the computation of the JPEG-LS baseline
N42011/96 SebestyenSome points for considerations from ITU
N42111/96 Yoshida/Kajiwara Predicted value control and symbol packing
N42211/96 HPFlashPix Imaging Format
N42311/96 KalkerVariable-sized Lapped Transforms Coding of Pictures
N42411/96 FosheeJPEG 2000 Phase I Algorithm Test Package (v0.1)
N42511/96 FosheeJPEG 2000 Evaluation Criteria and Approach (v1.4)
N42611/96 SC29NP's on Photography from TC42/WG18
N42711/96 SC29Report of AGM ad-hoc meeting, Tampere, Finland
N42811/96 SC29Liaison Statement from SC11: Registration Authority for ISO/IEC 11576:1994, Algorithms for the lossless compression of data
N42911/96 SC29Summary of voting on combined ballot on CD Registration and CD Consideration JPEG Part 4: Registration procedures for JPEG profile, APPn marker, and SPIFF profile ID marker.
N43011/96 McIntyreLiaison Statements from ITU Q1/8 to JBIG, (1)
N43111/96 McIntyreLiaison Statements from ITU Q1/8 to JBIG, (2)
N43211/96 Borde (AFNOR) French delegation liaison project with SC29 WG11 for works identification harmonisation between JPEG and MPEG objects
N43311/96 Borde (AFNOR) Calling Notice, 10th meeting of WG1
N43411/96 AFNOR, Barda Comments on JPEG 2000
N435R11/96 AFNOR, Barda Definition of a REGAUT profile
N436R11/96 Barda (AVELEM) The use of the 8 bit COPYR_ID
N43711/96 Rollin (SGDL-SCAM) Graining rights and licenses
N43811/96 AFNOR,Rollin,

Barda, Borde

Promotional actions for JPEG
N43911/96 Martins/Forchammer (Denmark) Lossless, Lossy, and Refinement Coding of Halftones using a template
N44011/96 Martins/Forchammer (Denmark) Symbol Coding of Halftones
N44111/96 Yoshida/Kajiwara
PVC and SP: Report of the effect on Software and Hardware Implementation
N44211/96 McDonald (Mitre) Multiple component proposal
N44311/96 Topiwala (Mitre) Multiple component proposal
N44411/96 Brower (Kodak) Multiple component proposal
N44511/96 Kossentini (UBC) The JBIG Region of Support
N44611/96 SpeckThings not to do
N44711/96 ITU-T SG8Report of the ad hoc group on preparing an amendment to Rec. T.85 (Feb. '96)
N44811/96 USNBUS NB Resolutions
N44911/96 WG1Dispensation of comments on the CD elevation of CD 10918-4
N45011/96 WG1Edited CD 10918-4
N45111/96 ITU Q1/8Liaison from ITU-T Q1/8 to JBIG/WG1 on proposals for clarifications to T.85
N45211/96 X3L.3.2Comments on WD 14495 (JPEG LS)
N45311/96 Howard (AT&T) High-Level framework for JBIG-2 files
N45411/96 X3L3.2Comments on JPEG 2000
N45511/96 Arps/Constantineseu (IBM) TPR: Typical Predictor for JBIG2 Residue Coding
N45611/96 Constantineseu/

Arps (IBM)

Improved JBIG2 Residue Coding Method
N45711/96 SpeckRecursive Subdivision for Power of 2 Thresholds
N45811/96 Memon (USA) Results on using inter-band prediction techniques in JPEG-LS
N45911/96 Kasner (Optivision) Multiple-Component Submission
N46011/96 JPEG 2000 Ad hoc committee JPEG 2000 Ad Hoc committee report
N46111/96 JPEG 2000 Ad hoc committee JPEG 2000 test and submission package
N46211/96 Ono (Mitsubishi) Multi-Context Source Coding with Block-type MELCODE and Arithmetic-type MELCODE
N46311/96 Martins (Denmark) Dictionary Structure for JBIG-2
N46411/96 MC ad hoc group Ad Hoc working group report
N46511/96 WG1Resolutions of WG1 and JBIG
N44611/96 Martins/
Forchhammer (Denmark)
New test image
N46711/96 Wu (Canada) Suggestion for near-lossless compression
N46811/96 WG11 Description of MPEG -4 (WG11)
N46911/96 WG1Liaison to ITU-T Q1/8 on Proposals for clarification to T.85
N47011/96 WG1Some reference related to probability estimation and arithmetic coding
N47111/96 WG1Mixed raster content coder
N47211/96 JPEG-LS AHG JPEG-LS AHG report
N47311/96 WG1JPEG-LS WD 14495
N47411/96 Clark (UK)WG1 website implementation
N47511/96 WG1Liaison Statement to WG11 concerning JPEG2000
N47611/96 WG1Liaison to SC11
N47711/96 JBIGLiaison from WG1 to Q1/8 on TD 0098 Rev
N47811/96 JBIGLiaison from WG1 to Q1/8 on CMG3
N47911/96 JBIGJBIG Draft Meeting Report
N48011/96 WG1WG1 Draft Meeting Report
N48111/96 WG110th WG1 Meeting Agenda

Annex 4


  1. Use of palettes and sample mapping techniques proposed by HP (N412) as a solution for images with sparse histograms was approved for inclusion into the baseline. This solution does not add any complexity to the baseline algorithm and gives satisfactory results when the encoder is aware of the sparse histogram of the input image. This also allows JPEG-LS to deal with palletized images.
  2. After discussion of N421 and N441, Eibsee's resolution on prediction value control and the symbol packing technique (N403, Section 7.6, 5) stands and solutions in that spirit should be incorporated in some form in the high performance extension of the baseline.
  3. It was also decided that JPEG-LS would adopt the syntax of the marker scheme defined by the current JPEG standard. Three new markers we assigned: x'FFF0 for JPEG-LS frame, x'FFF1 for JPEG-LS differential frame, x'FFF2 for JPEG-LS extensions (non-default parameters and tables). Some of the fields in the existing markers have been given new interpretations and some would be undefined within the context of JPEG-LS. Specific details on marker structure and values are given in WD 14495.
  4. The following technical details pertaining to marker code space and padding in the JPEG-LS baseline were discussed and approved:
  5. The baseline algorithm will not be modified unless significant errors are found in its definition as given in WD 14495. Further improvements will be discussed in the context of the JPEG-LS high performance extensions. Therefore, the only major action item for the JPEG-LS baseline is the review, proofreading, and finalization of WD 14495.

Issues pertaining to the high performance extension and corresponding action items

  1. The choice of arithmetic coder for the high performance mode was discussed (N418). UC Santa Cruz and Mitsubishi will perform additional experiments comparing speed and improving compression performance of the two, and seeking convergence.
  2. After discussion, it was agreed that using inter-component correlation can give significant compression improvements for some images. The subject will be further investigated by the CALIC group for consideration of inclusion in the high performance extension
  3. After discussion of N467, it was agreed that potential improvements seem possible for near-lossless compression. The subject will be further investigated by the CALIC group, which will provide results in the context of the agreed high-performance framework.

Other items discussed

  1. Comparison of JPEG-LS with PNG (N413) shows that JPEG-LS is significantly better than PNG on the main types of images targeted by the standard. For half-toned, dithered and some graphic images of very low entropy, PNG may be preferred.
  2. A different context determination strategy based on recursive sub-division was proposed for the baseline (N446 , N457). It was decided that a change of this magnitude to the baseline at this stage is not justified by the potential benefits.
  3. Document N419 informs on experiments to accelerate the baseline algorithm by delaying the update of parameters. It was decided that the results were ambiguous and do not warrant a change in the algorithm.
  4. The issue of patents was discussed. Some ad-hoc group members expressed the need to clarify the issue.

Annex 5
JBIG Meeting Report

Title: Report of SG on JBIG meeting held in Palo Alto, California, USA

Source: F.ONO (Rapporteur SG on JBIG)

SG on JBIG, JTC1/SC29/WG1 had its meeting in Palo Alto, USA from Nov.11 to 14, 1996. The agenda is contained in Attachment 1. Resolutions of the Palo Alto meeting are contained in Attachment 2. The participant list is contained in Attachment 3.

1. Opening the meeting

Dr. Ono, Rapporteur of the SG on JBIG, opened the meeting.

He briefly introduced the history of recent meetings and the task of this meeting to provide a common understanding of the current status. The promotion schedule of JBIG-2 (WD14492) presented at the last SC29 meeting was acknowledged (See N394 for the promotion schedule).

2. Approval of agenda

The proposed agenda was adopted. (See Attachment 1)

3. Document Allocation

Document Allocation is also shown in the agenda. (See Attachment 1)

4. Final result in Eibsee meeting

Eibsee meeting report (N402) and Convergence Report (N394) were briefly reviewed. Several typographical errors were corrected.

5. Report on results after Eibsee meeting

Following new documents were presented in sequence.

N408 by Dr. Fumitaka Ono
This reply letter from Kodak was very much appreciated in the floor.
N439 by Dr. Bo Martins
N440 by Dr. Bo Martins
These two documents are introducing two ways of half-tone coding. One is the pseudo-character coding, and the other is the residue coding with more big templates.
N445 by Dr. Faouzi Kossentini
This presents the appropriate ROS for various image types.
N455 by Dr. Ronald Arps
The concept of TPR was introduced.
N456 by Dr. Ronald Arps
The idea to reduce the bit rate of Symbol size coding was introduced.
N453 by Dr. Paul Howard
High level frame work for JBIG-2 was proposed and discussed.
N462 by Dr. Fumitaka Ono
Block-type MELCODE and Arithmetic MELCODE were introduced. The possibility of common adaptive entropy coder with JPEG-LS was introduced.
N463 by Dr. Bo Martins
The idea of multi-stage dictionary was discussed.
N466 by Dr. Bo Martins

For the necessity of evaluating generated half-tone images, an image contained in Color Facsimile Testchart was selected. The floor appreciated the volunteering work of half-toning by Bo, and it was agreed to add the image into the JBIG-2 test image set.

After the presentation of these documents, Liaison matters and patent issues were treated before going to the discussion of convergence.

6. Liaison Issues

Following documents were presented in sequence.

N451 by Mr. Steve Urban
Several questions from ITU-T/SG8 concerning T.85 ( Application Profile of T.85) on applying

T.82 to Facsimile applications were introduced. WG1/JBIG found no big problems on the proposed modification of T.85 and resolved to send technical comments on them.

N430 by Mr. Lloyd McIntyre
This is the Liaison of introducing 3LM (3 Layer Mode) having been proposed in ITU-T/SG8. At the time of the presentation, no specific comments were raised. It was resolved that if some issues will be raised before next ITU-T meeting in Feb.`97, they will be discussed via E-mail among JBIG members before sending them to ITU-T/SG8.

N431by Mr. Lloyd McIntyre
The former half of this document is relating to 3LM. The latter half of this document asks JBIG-2 more information. The specific number concerning memory buffer being requested are not currently on hands, and will be prepared after PaloAlto meeting.

N447 by Dr. Fumitaka Ono and Dr. Ronald Arps
Dr. Ono explained the background of N447. Dr. Arps referred to N448, the USNB resolution, which contains the comments concerning T.85 marker ordering. Dr. Arps also presented his concern about the number of stripes expected at the decoder side. The floor agreed to send a new Liaison on this document.

After the discussion, following Liaison reply and new Liaison were produced and agreed to be sent to ITU-T/SG8.

WG1N469: Reply to WG1N451(CM76)
WG1N478: Reply to WG1N431(CM63)
WG1N477: New Liaison on WG1N447(TD098Rev.)

7. Patent Issues

WG1N416 was introduced by Dr. Ono. This is a Japanese National Body resolution requesting Lucent Technologies to keep the same patent licensing condition as AT&T at the transferring timing of JBIG related patents between them. Floor agreed to issue the request with the source of JBIG. Concerning an Eibsee resolution which asks Canon to specify Canon's so-called implementation patents, Mr. Tadashi Yoshida, Canon Inc., presented verbally that Canon will announce the list on request basis.

8. Discussion on convergence of proposals

The main problem by which we cannot move into WD drafting stage is the prioritization of speed and compression performance. And since we are producing generic standardization, it was agreed that we will provide supersets and the main profiles. The typical profiles were discussed and Mr. Stephen Swift volunteered to provide the summary at the appropriate timing.

9. Editing committee on Working Draft

The Editing Committee was formed as specified in Attachment 4. It was resolved that the first version of WD will be prepared at the end of Jan. 1997.

10. Any other Business

Further WG1/JBIG meetings are scheduled as follows.
March 7-21 '97Dijon, France
July7-11 '97Sapporo, Japan
Nov. 10-14 '97Sydney, Australia

11. Resolutions

See Attachment 2.

12. Closing

The floor thanked its host Hewlett-Packard, in particular Dr. Daniel Lee, and Ms. Gina Massey-Parnis for the excellent organization of the meeting. The meeting was adjourned on Nov.14.

Attachment 1 : The Palo Alto JBIG meeting agenda

8. Project JTC 1.29.10 - JBIG2

Lossy/Lossless Coding of Bi-level Images)

8.1 Final results from Eibsee meeting

N394: Convergence Report

N402: JBIG Meeting Report

8.2 Report on results after Eibsee meeting

N408: Permission to use JBIG test images

N439: Proposal of new template for halftone area

N440: Symbol coding of half-tone images

N445: JBIG Region of Support

N455: TPR for JBIG Residue Coding

N456: Improved JBIG2 Residue image coding

N453: High-level Framework for JBIG-2 Files

N462: Proposal of MELCODE

N463: Dictionary Structure

N466: New Test Image

8.3 Discussion on convergence of proposals

8.4 Editing committee on Working Draft

8.5 Plan for further development

8.6 Patent issues

N416: Lucent Technologies

8.7 Liaison Issues

N420: Latest news and comments from ITU-T

N447: T.85 editing in Geneva

N430: Liaison concerning 3LM

N431: Request for JBIG-2

N451: Liaison concerning T.85

8.8 Resolutions of the Palo Alto meeting

8.9 Closing

Attachment 2: Resolutions of SG on JBIG at Palo Alto meeting

Resolutions of SG on JBIG at Palo Alto meeting

Resolution 1: JBIG2 WD (JTC 1.29.10)

WG1/JBIG resolves to work towards the completion of WD. The WD Committee members nominated are requested to provide the text before Jan. 31, 1997. The efforts will be accelerated via E-mail communication within the JBIG mailing list. WG1/JBIG targets the promotion schedule as appeared in the Eibsee Convergence Report WG1N394.

Resolution 2: Liaison Reply to ITU-T

WG1/JBIG appreciates the Liaison statements from ITU-T/SG8, and resolve to provide the following reply and a new Liaison.

Resolution 3: Licensing condition of JBIG-1

WG1/JBIG wishes Lucent Technologies keep the licensing condition of such JBIG-related patents to be the same as what AT&T declared in SC29/WG1 N73, and would like to ask Convenor of JTC 1/SC29/WG1 to issue a letter requesting Lucent Technologies to do so.

Resolution 4:Licensing condition on Adaptive Entropy Coder

WG1/JBIG requests that the patent holders of the adaptive entropy coders listed below make available royalty-free and liability-free decoders or royalty-free and liability-free encoders & decoders.

Resolution 5: Addition of new test image

WG1/JBIG resolves to add the generated half-toned test image as described in WG1N466 to be included in the JBIG-2 test image set.

Appreciation 1:

WG1/JBIG expresses its thanks and appreciation to Eastman Kodak Company for providing the permission to use the JBIG test image set for standardization work and non-commercial purposes.

Appreciation 2:

WG1/JBIG expresses its thanks and appreciation to the Technical University of Denmark for providing a generated half-toned test image described in WG1N466 to be included in the JBIG-2 test image set.

Appreciation 3:

WG1/JBIG expresses sincere thanks to Hewlett Packard for being gracious hosts to the Palo Alto meeting. WG1/JBIG also appreciates the luxurious social events jointly sponsored by HP, IBM, Ricoh CRC, and Xerox. In particular WG1/JBIG would like to thank Dr. Daniel Lee, and Ms. Gina Massey-Parnis for the excellent organization of the meeting.

Attachment 3:Participant List

SC29/WG1 SG on JBIG Palo Alto Meeting Participant List, Nov.11-15, 1996
Name Affiliation Country E-mail address
Fumitaka Ono Mitsubishi Electric Corp.
Ronald Arps IBM Corp.
Corneliu Constantinescu IBM Corp.
Paul G. Howard AT&T U.S.A.
Lloyd McIntyre XeroxU.S.A.
William Rucklidge XeroxU.S.A.
Bo MartinsTUD
Stephen Urban Delta Information Systems
Faouzi Kossentini Univ.of British Columbia
Stephen Swift Redonda Industries. Corp.
Yasuyuki Nomizu Ricoh Company Ltd.

Attachment 4: WD 14492 Drafting Committee
Editor: Dr. P. Howard
Dr. F. Ono

Drafting Committee Members:

Structure of WD14492 and drafting assignment
0. Introduction PH, FO
1. ScopeFO, PH
2. Normative References FO, PH
3. Definitions PH, FO
4. Symbol and Abbreviations PH, FO
5. Conventions PH, FO
6. Requirements
6.1 Symbol Bitmap Decoder FO
6.2 Symbol Index Decoder SS
6.3 Symbol Bitmap Refinement Decoder PH
6.4 Symbol Location Decoder SS
6.5 Image Bitmap Decoder BM
6.6 Image Bitmap Refinement Decoder RA
6.7 Symbol Size Decoder WR
6.8 Control Decoder PH, WR
7. Test methods and datastream examples -
A. Profile and Suggested minimum parameter for free parameters FK
B. Pre Processing examples BM
C. Adaptive Entropy Coder Proposers
Z. PatentsProposers

Annex 6BR>JPEG2000 Ad Hoc Group Report
TITLE: JPEG 2000 ad hoc committee report

Activities at Palo Alto meeting

The ad hoc committee focused on the information that will be needed from contributors to this working item. It created document N461 (based N424 and N425) as a preliminary version of the questionnaire that will be given to the contributors.The evaluation of this information and the nature of subjective testing was discussed but further discussion is necessary. It was concluded that a subjective test is desired. Any testing is to be approved by WG1. Further, Eastman Kodak Company has offered to print high quality prints and the use of a high quality display at a future JPEG meeting held in Rochester, New York.

Request for actions by national bodies before the Dijon meeting

It is requested that the national bodies and individual contributors do the following in preparation of the Dijon meeting. This will enable the committee to produce a call for contributions and create a package to be distributed to the potential contributors.

Goals and actions at the Dijon meeting

One goal is to finalize the requirements for the information the contributors must submit. The following activities are essential for this goal.

Another goal is to issue the actual call for contributions. The following are essential.

Finally, consideration can be given to the character of the evaluation of the contributions including:

Annex 7
WG1 Webmaster Report
TITLE: Current status, Web site
SOURCE: Webmaster

1 Introduction

This is a brief report on the current status of Web development within JPEG.

As well as file store space, the Group were offered Web space at the Eibsee meeting by IBM. In practice, after a long delay, the ftp site should now be operational at

Users should log in as sc29wg01 with a password of More_Sun

Three directories will be made available:
1 incoming where uploads should be made
2 docs where documents will be transferred
3 files where files will be located

Note that a Web browser (such as Netscape) should be able to access the ftp site by using the URL There may be periods when the site is unavailable - it appears to be locked by Pete Schirling prior to WG11 meetings to set a deadline.

The Web site has proven to be problematical - it must be loaded from within the IBM firewall, Pete has yet to find answers to technical queries on scripts and how to operate them, and I recommend we abandon this offer as unworkable in practice.

To compensate, I have used Web space that we have acquired for a pilot project with BSI Disc, and a Web demonstration is now available at The entry area is public access, and can be used for dissemination of standards, whilst the entry point points to a password protected area. This contains a number of pages, and tools for:

I propose the following:

This site will only succeed if it is used - please try it out, and email us with your comments!

Annex 8
Resolutions of 9th WG1 Meeting
TITLE: Resolutions of the Ninth meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG1, 11-15 November 1996, Palo Alto, California, USA
SOURCE: Daniel Lee, Convener, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG1
STATUS: Resolutions approved

See SC 29 N 1832.

Annex 9
Multi-component ad hoc group report

Five proposals were presented at WG 1 November 1996 meeting. The five proposals can be separated into three basic proposals 1) KLT followed by JPEG, 2) KLT followed by a wavelet and , 3) Decorrelation technique (KLT and others) followed by JPEG. WG has guided us to separate out the spatial compression technique and allow for current JPEG and possibly JPEG 2000. This action then allows for quick convergence of the adhoc group. Because of the pending launch of commercial remote sensing satellites in late 1997 and 1998 the need for this standard is greater than ever. WG 1 would like to put this standard on the fast track. The following is a proposal of the new timeline for this standard.
January 97-Collection of test imagery, documentation of evaluation terms, further
March 97refinement of algorithm with tests.
July 97report on evaluation, development of Working Draft Standard,
November 97development of Committee Draft Standard,
March 98development of Draft International Standard,
July 98finalization of International Standard.

The main actions of the adhoc group is to have convergence on several minor differences (mainly syntax) of the proposals. The following are the difference that need to be evaluated for merit and syntax.

1) The variable quantization that is proposed by Optivision that is different than any other proposal. How should this be include d in the definition of MC compression standard.

2) The requirements of future standards (JPEG 2000) and how this can be incorporated into the definition of MC compression standard. The Kodak proposal uses current JPEG syntax. This needs to be extended and reviewed for future standards. Also, a better review of current JPEG syntax must be completed to understand if there is any other parts of JPEG that MC compression standard would break.

3) A concern for the interleaving of multiple components greater than 4 (not allowed by current JPEG). Possible options are to break current JPEG, make sure it allowed for in JPEG 2000, or produce a compromise that allows for both.

4) A comparison of the overhead required for decompression that is proposed by Kodak, Optivision and MITRE is required to decide on the best solution of the decompression signal syntax. The selection of the solution must be low overhead, robust and a complete solution.

The last action is to test and evaluate the proposed consensus algorithm. This will be completed with the following structure of an evaluation criteria. The test plan should include a visual and statistical measure of MC followed by JPEG against the current JPEG. Several test images have been compiled by Kodak for the MS compression test. These images have been presented to the addhoc group for consideration. Other images will be collected at the next WG 1 meeting.