[ISO/IEC] ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 N 2533
DATE: 1998-04-06


Coding of Audio, Picture, Multimedia and Hypermedia Information

Secretariat: Japan (JISC)

DOC. TYPEMeeting Announcement, Meeting Agenda, Logistical information for meeting
TITLECalling Notice, Draft Agenda, and Logistical Information, the Forty-forth SC 29/WG 11 Meeting, 1998-07-06/10, Dublin, Ireland [SC 29/WG 11 N 2117]
SOURCEConvener, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 11
STATUSCalling notice, draft agenda, logistical information
REQUESTED ACT.Each SC 29 member is requested to forward a list showing the names and employers of its delegates and also the name of the head of delegation to the WG 11 Convener and the SC 29 Secretariat by the due date.
DUE DATE1998-06-06
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DISTRIBUTION SC 29 P, O and L-members; SC 29 Officers;
JTC 1 Secretariat; ISO/IEC ITTF

Narumi Hirose, Secretariat, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29
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Telephone: +81-3-3431-2808; Facsimile: +81-3-3431-6493;
Telex: 2425340 IPSJ J; E-mail: hirose@itscj.ipsj.or.jp
* Information Processing Society of Japan/Information Technology Standards Commission of Japan (A standards organization accredited by JISC)


March 1998

Source: Leonardo Chiariglione - Convenor
Title: Forty-fourth WG11 meeting notice

The 44th WG11 meeting will be held in Dublin at the invitation of National Standards Authority of Ireland and hosted by Teltec Ireland and Radio Telefís Éireann on 98/07/06-10 at Dublin Castle Conference Centre in the centre of Dublin City. Entrance will be via the Cork Hill gate, off Dame Street, Dublin 2


Registration form (fax)

Registration form (web)

Logistic Information

Hotel registration

Register Before 15th May 1998

Annex 1


1. Opening

2. Roll call of participants

3. Approval of agenda

4. Allocation of contributions

5. Communications from Convenor

6. Report of previous meeting

7. Processing of NB Position Papers

8. MPEG Phase 1

9. MPEG Phase 2

9.1 MPEG-2 parts

9.2 Verification of MPEG-2

9.3 Amendments

9.3.1 Systems

9.3.2 Video  2185 AHG on MPEG-2 4:2:2@High Level
9.3.3 Audio 2132 AHG on MPEG-2 AAC dynamic range control (Schreiner)
9.3.4 Conformance 2131 AHG on MPEG-2 Audio AAC Conformance and Technical Report (Coleman/Thom/Paley)
9.3.5 Technical Report 2131 AHG on MPEG-2 Audio AAC Conformance and Technical Report (Coleman/Thom/Paley)
9.4 Corrigenda

9.5 Workplan

10. MPEG Phase 4

10.1 Version 1

10.1.1 Patent statements

10.1.2 Committee Draft System Video Audio Reference software DMIF

10.1.3 Verification Tests Systems 2139 AHG on MPEG-4 Audio/Systems issues (Teichmann/Herpel) Video 2183 AHG on MPEG-4 video encoder optimization
    2169 AHG on MPEG-4 video verification tests Audio 2137 AHG on MPEG-4 Audio NADIB verification tests (Contin/Dietz)
    2136 AHG on MPEG-4 Audio Verification tests (Edler/S-W Kim)
10.1.4 Quality of service 2129 AHG on video decoder Quality of Service
10.1.5 Conformance Testing System Video Audio 2134 AHG on MPEG-4 Audio Conformance (Spille) DMIF

10.2 Version 2

10.2.1 Requirements 2191 AHG on MPEG-4 normative composition
10.2.2 Tools DMIF 2124 AHG on Mobile Network Connections Systems Natural Visual 2181 AHG on core experiments on coding efficiency in MPEG-4 video
    2178 AHG on core experiments on coding of arbitrarily shaped objects in MPEG-4 video
    2179 AHG on core experiments on error resilience in MPEG-4 video
    2180 AHG on core experiments on multifunctional coding in MPEG-4 video
    2184 AHG on MPEG-4 texture coding Synthetic Visual 2128 AHG on Computational Graceful Degradation Natural Audio 2142 AHG on MPEG-4 Audio error resilience for Version 2 (Dietz/Miki)
    2138 AHG on MPEG-4 Audio tool complexity (Spille)
    2144 AHG on MPEG-4 CELP Optimization(Sugiyama) Synthetic Audio 2135 AHG on MPEG-4 Structured Audio (Scheirer/Ray)
    2141 AHG on MPEG-4 TTSI/FBA convergence (Lee/Ostermann)
10.2.3 Verification Models System Video 2182 AHG on editing the documents of the MPEG-4 video verification model and the MPEG-4 visual working draft Audio SNHC

10.2.5 Working draft Systems Video 2182 AHG on editing the documents of the MPEG-4 video verification model and the MPEG-4 visual working draft Audio 2133 AHG on MPEG-4 Audio FCD and Reference Software FCD progression (Grill/Purnhagen) Simulation software 2133 AHG on MPEG-4 Audio FCD and Reference Software FCD progression (Grill/Purnhagen) DMIF

10.3 Workplan

11. MPEG Phase 7

11.1 Requirements 2192 AHG on MPEG-7 Requirements
11.2 Call for proposals 2189 AHG on MPEG-7 Test and Evaluation Methods
12. Overall WG11 workplan

13. Explorations

14. Liaison matters

15. Administrative matters

15.1 Schedule of future MPEG meetings

15.2 Promotion of MPEG 2143 AHG on MPEG Audio web site (Thom/Purnhagen)
16. Organisation of this meeting

16.1 Tasks for subgroups

16.2 Finalisation of meeting allocation

17. Planning of future activities

18. Resolutions of this meeting

19. A.O.B

20. Closing

Annex 2

Logistic Information

Meeting logistics for 44th Meeting

Dublin, July 6-10, 1998

(For up-to-date information see http://www.mpegdublin.com)

Meeting Host

The meeting is hosted by Teltec Ireland and Radio Telefis Eireann on behalf of the National Standards Authority of Ireland.

Meeting Location

The meeting will be held in Dublin Castle Conference Centre in the centre of Dublin City. Entrance will be via the Cork Hill gate, off Dame Street, Dublin 2. Delegates must be registered to gain access to the meeting site. A map is available on-line at http://www.mpegdublin.com.


Deirdre O'Connell / Peggy Kennedy
Conference Promotions International
58 Waterloo Road
Dublin 4

Phone: +353 1 660 9329
Fax: +353 1 668 0083
E-mail: conf@tinet.ie

Liam Ward
Teltec Ireland
Dublin City University
Dublin 9

Phone: +353 1 704 5758
Fax: +353 1 704 5092
E-mail: Liam.Ward@Teltec.DCU.IE


Delegates should register by completing and faxing the form at http://www.mpegdublin.com or in Annex A. On-site, delegate's pack receipt and accreditation badge may be collected on Sunday, 5 July, from 4.00pm to 6.00pm and from 8.00am on the morning of Monday, 6 July. Use the magic words "Teltec" and "MPEG" at the security gate to gain initial access to the venue!

Register Before 15th May 1998

Meeting Hotels

Special arrangements have been made with the following hotels to accommodate delegates and accompanying persons during their stay in Dublin. All rooms are booked for the period arriving July 5th and departing July 11th. Some are available for arrival July 4th and departure on July 12th and July 13th. Please note that the Tour de France will be held in Dublin around the same time - so Hotel accommodation will be at a premium. It is imperative to confirm your Hotel early to assure availability! Most of the meeting hotels are centrally located in the heart of Dublin and within easy reach of the meeting venue, some within walking distance of the meeting venue. All hotel rates are quoted en suite and are fully inclusive of Breakfast, Service and Taxes.

Burlington Hotel

(100 Rooms reserved for the meeting

Dates available: July 4th - 12th inclusive)

Rate: IR£105 Single IR£120 Double/Twin

Address: Upper Leeson Street, Dublin 4

A top four star hotel within a ten minute stroll down elegant Georgian Leeson Street to St. Stephen's Green to find yourself in the heart of Dublin's most fashionable shopping precinct. The Burlington with the unique atmosphere of Buck Mulligan's pub which blends the conviviality of a traditional Dublin pub with style and hospitality. A short bus ride to Dublin Castle or fifteen minute walk.

Stakis Dublin

(70 Rooms in total reserved for the meeting

Dates available: 70 Rooms July 4th -10th inclusive

30 Rooms July 11th -12th inclusive)

Rate: IR£90 Single IR£100 Double/Twin

Address: Charlemont Place, Dublin 2

The newly opened Dublin Stakis is part of the Stakis International Group, a four star hotel which overlooks Dublin's famous canal, with The Gaelic Bar and Restaurant. Extensive parking is available underground. A short bus ride or fifteen minute walk to Dublin Castle.

Central Hotel

(22 Rooms reserved for the meeting - 7 Single, 15 Double

Dates available: 4th - 11th July inclusive)

Rate: IR£80 Single IR£110 Double/Twin

Address: Exchequer Street, Dublin 2

One of Dublin's landmarks, this impressive building has 70 elegant bedrooms. Home of the Molly Malone's Tavern, offering music some nights. Within five minutes walk of Dublin Castle.

Bewleys Hotel

(26 Rooms reserved for the meeting - 5 Single, 10 Double, 11 Twins

Dates available: July 4th - 10th inclusive)

Rate: IR£70 Single IR£90 Double/Twin

Address: 19/20 Fleet Street, Dublin 2

Located just off O'Connell Street, is a modern 3 Star Hotel offering the finest traditions of quality and service yet small enough to maintain that feeling of old fashioned intimacy. Bewleys Hotel is linked to the famous Bewleys Café, its history dating back to the early 19th Century. James Joyce is reputed to have written all his books there. Within five minute walk of Dublin Castle.

Mount Herbert Hotel

(50 Rooms reserved for the meeting

Dates available: 40 Rooms July 5th - 10th inclusive

10 Rooms July 4th - 12th inclusive)

Rate: IR£59 Single IR£69 Double/Twin

Address: Herbert Road, Lansdowne Road, Dublin 4

This gracious three star Victorian residence is in the Ballsbridge area known as the Embassy belt. It is a homely family run hotel with an informal restaurant, bar and secure car park and sauna. Adjacent to the 'DART' (Dublin's light rail system) with 2 stops to Tara Street centre city station with a seven minute walk to Dublin Castle.

Jurys Custom House Inn

(50 Rooms reserved for the meeting

Dates available: July 4th - 10th inclusive)

Rate: IR£63.50 Single IR£69 Double/Twin

Address: Custom House Quay, Dublin 1

Located in the International Financial Services Centre, the Inn has an informal restaurant, a lively pub and an adjoining public multi-storey Car Park. A twenty minute walk to Dublin Castle.

Jurys Christchurch Inn

(40 Rooms reserved for the meeting

Dates available: 20 Rooms July 5th - 11th inclusive

20 Rooms July 4th - 11th inclusive)

Rate: IR£64 Single IR£70 Double/Twin

Address: Lord Edward Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Located directly opposite Christ Church Cathedral with an informal restaurant and a lively pub with an adjoining public multi-storey car park. Located centrally to Dublin Castle.


Getting to your Hotel from Dublin Airport
Dublin Airport is situated about 12km from the city centre. Arriving passengers can travel from the airport to the city centre by taxi, costing approximately IR£12. There is also an airport bus (AIRLINK) which stops just outside the arrivals terminal and which goes straight to the central bus station, Busaras (which is very close to Jury's Custom House Inn). The cost is £2.50 for the bus.

Getting Around
Dublin is a small city where visitors can feel at home after even the shortest stay and getting around is easy. The main bus company in Dublin is Dublin Bus and runs throughout the city. Tickets can be bought on the bus. The DART is the electric train which links 25 stations along the length of Dublin Bay, from Howth to the north to Bray to the south of the city. The trip from Dalkey to Bray has a magnificent view of the coastline.

A short walk through the centre reveals a wealth of architectural detail with the medieval core of the city surrounded by elegant Georgian squares which give way to the exuberant new architecture of the city's cultural quarter, Temple Bar. Night-time entertainment is a rich mix of world class theatre and concerts from classical to rock, jazz clubs, traditional music sessions and old style cabaret. Dublin gets much of its energy from its young people, and enjoys one of the best clubbing scenes in Europe.

Taxis can be difficult to get in Dublin on busy nights. Taxis with roof signs may be hailed from the street or at a taxi rank. Taxis are more expensive than some other European cities and most trips that delegates are likely to make (e.g from the hotels to the meeting venue) will cost IR£6 - IR£10, depending on traffic. Most taxi drivers are trustworthy but if you have any doubt, get a receipt and note the "plate number" which is displayed on the taxi's roof sign and also on a plate which is normally displayed on the dashboard.

Time Zone
Local Time is the same as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) which means Ireland is 1 hour behind Continental Europe, 5 hours ahead of USA EST, and 9 hours behind Japan.

Weather and Clothing
Ireland is famous for its 'soft' rainy days and there are plenty of these whatever the season. However, July is one of the warmest months with temperatures of 14-16 degrees Celsius, on average. Officially, Ireland has a 'temperate' climate, however, there can be dramatic changes in the weather in any 24 hours, from bright sunshine to rain. Good walking shoes are advisable if you intend to explore Dublin on foot.

Local currency is Punts (or Irish Pounds - IR£). This is the only currency accepted. The rate of exchange fluctuates but averages IR£1 = 1.45 USD. Bureau de Change offices are located at the airport, Hotels and in the City Centre.

Credit Cards and ATMs
All major credit cards are widely accepted by Hotels, shops and restaurants, although Visa and Mastercard are more commonly accepted than American Express. Most ATMs open 24 hours and will accept credit cards.

Banks are located throughout the city and suburbs and are open from Monday to Friday 10am - 4pm. In particular there is a branch of Allied Irish Banks at the Palace Street Pedestrian Entrance to Dublin Castle. Late opening on Thursdays from 10am - 5pm. Banks do not open on Saturdays. Banking services are available at the airport to coincide with international arrivals and departures.

City centre post offices are open from 9am - 5:30pm, Monday to Friday and 9am - 1:30pm on Saturday. The GPO on O'Connell Street opens from 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday and, on Sunday (for stamps only) from 10:30am to 6:30pm.

There are plenty of public telephones dotted throughout the city. You will usually find a cardphone and a coin phone side by side. Phone cards in 10, 20, and 50 unit denominations can be purchased in Telecentres, post offices and shops displaying the Callcard sign. For directory enquiries dial 1190 for numbers within Ireland, 1197 for numbers within Great Britain or 1198 for international numbers. To dial international: first dial 00 followed by country code, area code, telephone number.

Ireland is also covered by GSM with two operators: Eircell and ESAT Digifone.

Ireland has a 220V / 50Hz electricity supply.
A three-pin, earthed plug is used, simillar to that used in Britain.


Social Event
Delegates and their accompanying partner are invited to attend a Gala Evening on Wednesday, July 8th. This will be at the Royal Hospital, Military Road, Kilmainham, Dublin 8. The Royal Hospital was formerly the residence and headquarters of the Commander in Chief of the army, who doubled this role with that of Governor of the hospital. The architecture of this gracious building was inspired by 'Les Invalides' in Paris. Restoration of the Royal Hospital began in 1980 and the building was designated by the Government as the National Centre for Culture and the Arts. It received Europa Nostra's Premier Conservation Award. It is just a short 10 minute taxi ride from Dublin Castle Conference Centre. Transfers will be provided.

Shops generally open from 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday with late opening on Thursdays until 8pm. In the city centre some department stores and bookshops open on Sundays from 12 noon until 6pm.
The main shopping area is Grafton Street which is pedestrianised and is the fashion and style centre of Dublin. It is full of life and activity with the music of the street buskers and colourful flower stalls. Henry Street is another shopping area located off Dublin's main street, O'Connell Street.

Pubs open from 10.30am - 11.30pm Monday to Saturday. Sunday pub hours are 12.30pm - 2pm and 4pm - 11pm. However, there are many pubs centre city which have late bar extensions until 2.00am. These pubs are mainly located in Parliament Street (adjacent to Dublin Castle), Temple Bar area and South King Street (adjacent to St. Stephen's Green).

Dublin is well served with every type of restaurant imaginable. However there is a wide selection of restaurants and pubs suitable for lunch and evening dining situated in and around the Temple Bar area (adjacent to Dublin Castle). It is worth noting that the vast majority of pubs offer a pub lunch costing in the region of £6 a head.


Cosmopolitan bar with good carverySuffolk Street, Dublin 2

Castle Inn

Irish Bar and Bar Food
5-7 Lord Edward Street, Dublin 2

The Oliver St. John Gogarty

Irish Bar and Restaurant
(Also suitable for evenings with good music)
58/59 Fleet Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Old Stand

Popular businessman's set lunch
37 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2

Turks Head

Also suitable for evenings, late bar and nightclub
Parliament Street, Dublin 2

The Front Lounge

Good lunches and a great buzz in the evenings
Parliament Street, Dublin 2.

The Porterhouse

Good food lunch & evening. The only micro brewery in Dublin, with a choice of nine beer varieties
Parliament Street, Dublin 2

The Mercantile Bar & Grill
28 Dame Street, Dublin 2

Thomas Reed

Dame Street, corner of Parliament Street, Dublin 2

Restaurante Latino

International cuisine
8 South Great Georges Street,
Dublin 2

La Mezza Luna Restaurant

Modestly priced continental/seafood
1 Temple Lane, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Cafe Topolis

Traditional Italian cuisine, Wood Burning Pizza oven, modestly priced
37 Parliament Street, Dublin 2

Tante Zoe

Modestly priced Cajun cooking
Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Leo Burdock's

The best fish and chips in Dublin, if not the world! It's take-away and you'll have to eat with your fingers but it's worth it.
2 Werburgh Street (beside Jury's Chrischurch Inn Hotel)

Eddie Rockets

American Style Diner
Dame Street, Dublin 2
(opposite Dublin Castle)

Japanese food
71-72 Sth. Great George's Street, Dublin 2

Chinese Restaurants

Dame Street is the home of Chinese Cooking

Indian Restaurants

Wide choice of Indian on South Great Georges Street and South William Street, Dublin 2

Tipping is optional in Ireland and Irish people tip according to their satisfaction with service. In restaurants, a 10% tip is normally left but sometimes a service charge is added to the bill when large groups (8 or more) eat together. Taxis are normally tipped around 10%.