[ISO/IEC] ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 N 3051
DATE: 1999-03-25


Coding of Audio, Picture, Multimedia and Hypermedia Information

Secretariat: Japan (JISC)

DOC. TYPEResolutions
TITLEResolutions, the Twelfth SC 29 Plenary Meeting, 1999-03-22/24, Seoul, Rep. of Korea
STATUSAdopted resolutions
REQUESTED ACT.For SC 29's information
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DISTRIBUTION SC 29 P, O and L-members; SC 29 Officers;
JTC 1 Secretariat; ISO/IEC ITTF

Narumi Hirose, Secretariat, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29
IPSJ/ITSCJ*, Room 308-3, Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg., 3-5-8, Shiba-Koen, Minato-Ku Tokyo 105-0011 Japan
Telephone: +81-3-3431-2808; Facsimile: +81-3-3431-6493; E-mail: hirose@itscj.ipsj.or.jp
* Information Processing Society of Japan/Information Technology Standards Commission of Japan (A standards organization accredited by JISC)

[ISO/IEC] ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 N 3051

The Twelfth ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 Plenary Meeting
1999-03-22/24, Seoul, Rep. of Korea

  1. Progression of Work Items
    SC 29 approves the following progression of work items on condition that substantial support is received and Disposition of Comments reports satisfactorily dispose all comments accompanying negative votes, and also SC 29 further approves the subsequent progression to the next stage on condition that substantial support is received and Disposition of Comments reports satisfactorily dispose of all comments accompanying negative votes:

    1) FDIS/FDAM/DCOR stages

    JTC (10918-3/AMD1)
    JTC (11172-1/COR1)
    JTC (11172-2/COR1)
    JTC (13818-1/AMD5)
    JTC (13818-1/AMD6)
    JTC (13818-4/AMD2)
    JTC (14496-5)

    2) FCD/FPDAM stages

    JTC (13818-1/AMD7)
    JTC (13818-2/AMD6)
    JTC (13818-4/AMD3)
    JTC (13522-7)
    JTC 1.29.10 (14492)
    JTC (14496-4)

    3) CD/PDAM stages

    JTC (13818-6/AMD2)
    JTC (13522-5/AMD1)
    JTC (13522-8)
    JTC 1.29.09 (14493)
    JTC (14495-2)
    JTC (14496-1/AMD1)
    JTC (14496-2/AMD1)
    JTC (14496-3/AMD1)
    JTC (14496-4/AMD1)
    JTC (14496-5/AMD1)
    JTC (14496-6/AMD1)
    JTC 1.29.14 (15444)


  2. Modifications to the Programme of Work
    SC 29 approves the following modifications to its current Programme of Work, and instructs its Secretariat to submit them, including the level of SC 29 NB support and rationale as in SC 29 N 3052, to JTC 1 for endorsement:

    1) Subdivision
    - JTC (13522-8)

    2) Minor Enhancements
    - JTC (13522-5/Amd1)
    - JTC (13818-1/Amd7)
    - JTC (13818-2/Amd6)
    - JTC (13818-4/Amd3)
    - JTC (13818-6/Amd2)


  3. Second Edition of ISO/IEC 13818-1 and ISO/IEC 13818-2
    SC 29 approves that the second edition of ISO/IEC 13818-1:1996 and ISO/IEC 13818-2:1996 include the following Amendments and Corrigenda:

    - ISO/IEC 13818-1: Amendments 1-7 and Corrigendum 1
    - ISO/IEC 13818-2: Amendments 1-6 and Corrigenda 1-2


  4. Target Dates for Work Items
    SC 29 approves the target dates for work items as stated in SC 29 N 3052.


  5. Project Editors
    SC 29 approves the following changes in project editor status. These are appointments unless otherwise specified.

    WG 1JTC (10918-4) Mr. Danny Rajan
    (as replacement of Dr. Jim Kasner)
    JTC 1.29.09 (14493) Mr. Bernard V. Brower
    JTC (14495-1) (resignation of Dr. Majid Rabbani)
    JTC 1.29.14 (15444) Dr. Charilaos Christopoulos *
    Dr. Eric Majani *
    WG 11JTC (13818-1/AMD7) Mr. Carsten Herpel
    JTC (13818-1) 2nd edition Mr. Peter P. Schirling
    JTC (13818-2/AMD6) Mr. Ajay Luthra
    JTC (13818-2) 2nd edition Mr. Chad Fogg
    JTC (13818-4/AMD1) Mr. Mark Paley
    JTC (13818-4/AMD3) Mr. Schuyler Quackenbush
    JTC (13818-6/AMD2) Mr. Regis J. Crinon
    JTC (13818-7/COR1) Dr. Juergen Herre
    JTC (14496-1/AMD1) Mr. Viswanathan Swaminathan
    Mr. William Belknap *
    Ms. Riitta Vaananen *
    (as replacements of Mr. Renaud Cazoulat *
    and Mr. David Singer *)
    JTC (14496-3/AMD1) Mr. Bernhard Grill
    Dr. Sang Wook Kim *
    JTC (14496-4) (resignation of Mr. Vahe Balabanian - DMIF section)
    JTC (14496-5) (resignation of Mr. Mike Coleman)
    JTC (14496-5/AMD1) (resignation of Mr. Mike Coleman)
    JTC (14496-6) (resignation of Mr. Vahe Balabanian)
    JTC (14496-6/AMD1) Mr. Javier Zamora
    Mr. Bo Burman *

    *: co-editor


  6. ISO/IEC Certificates
    SC 29 nominates the following editors as recipients of ISO/IEC Certificates:

    10918-4Dr. James Kasner
    13818-10Mr. Timothy Addington
    14495-1Mr. Richard Clark
    14495-1Dr. Marcelo Weinberger
    14496-1Mr. Olivier Avaro
    14496-1Mr. Philip A. Chou
    14496-1Prof. Alexandros Eleftheriadis
    14496-1Mr. Carsten Herpel
    14496-1Mr. Rob Koenen
    14496-1Dr. Cliff Reader
    14496-1Mr. Niels Rump
    14496-1Mr. Julien Signes
    14496-1Mr. Liam Ward
    14496-2Mr. Peter K. Doenges
    14496-2Prof. Touradj Ebrahimi
    14496-2Dr. Caspar Horne
    14496-2Dr. Euee Seon Jang
    14496-2Dr. Marco Mattavelli
    14496-2Dr. Yuichiro Nakaya
    14496-2Mr. Kevin O'Connell
    14496-2Dr. Joern Ostermann
    14496-2Prof. Fernando Pereira
    14496-2Dr. Eric Petajan
    14496-2Dr. Atul Puri
    14496-2Mr. Ganesh Rajan
    14496-2Dr. Thomas Sikora
    14496-2Mr. Tan Thiow-Keng
    14496-2Mr. Dr. Michael Wollborn
    14496-3Ms. Laura Contin
    14496-3Dr. Bernd Edler
    14496-3Mr. Bernhard Grill
    14496-3Mr. David Meares
    14496-3Mr. Eric Scheirer
    14496-3Dr. Peter G. Schreiner III
    14496-6Mr. Vahe Balabanian
    14496-6Mr. Guido Franceschini


  7. Appointment of WG 1 Convener
    SC 29 appoints Dr. Daniel T. Lee as the WG 1 Convener for the next term of office pending endorsement of the National Body of US.


  8. Appointment of WG 11 Convener
    SC 29 appoints Dr. Leonardo Chiariglione as the WG 11 Convener for the next term of office.


  9. Appointment of WG 12 Convener
    SC 29 appoints Dr. Thomas Casey as the WG 12 Convener for a one-year term of office.


  10. Disbandment of SC 29 Vocabulary Rapporteur
    Noting JTC 1 disbanded SC 1, SC 29 terminates its Vocabulary Rapporteur's position.

    SC 29 express its appreciation to Mr. Jean-Michel Borde for his contributions as the SC 29 Vocabulary Rapporteur.


  11. Business Plan of SC 29
    SC 29 instructs Dr. Hiroshi Watanabe to update the draft business plan in SC 29 N 3003 based on the result from this plenary meeting, and instructs the SC 29 Secretariat to submit it to JTC 1.


  12. Press Release
    In accordance with Resolution 30 taken at the thirteenth JTC 1 Plenary meeting, 1999-01-26/29, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, SC 29 instructs its WGs to prepare press releases, if necessary after each meeting, in HTML format with appropriate direct links to Web sites, for submission to JTC 1 by the SC 29 Secretariat.


  13. Public Accessibility of ISO/IEC 13818-4 Bitstreams
    SC 29 recommends JTC 1 to approve ISO/IEC 13818-4 bitstreams be available free of charge on Web.

    Approval: Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, Rep. of Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, US (11)
    Disapproval: Germany (1)
    Abstention: Ireland (1)

  14. Suggestions for the Electronic Distribution of International Standards
    SC 29 instructs its Secretariat to submit SC 29 N 3019 to JTC 1 and ITTF for information.

    Approval: Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Japan, Rep. of Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, US (9)
    Disapproval: France, UK (2)
    Abstention: Germany, Ireland (2)

  15. Template of IPR Statement for Common Texts with ITU-T
    SC 29 notes that from 1999-01-01 ITU-T requires that IPR declarations use a new, unified format.

    SC 29 instructs its NBs to review the draft template of IPR statement for common texts with ITU-T in SC 29 N 3004 to determine if it is complete and appropriate for SC 29's work; and in addition if SC 29 should make a recommendation to JTC 1 to adopt this template.


  16. File Format
    SC 29 approves the addition of MS Word 97 and MS PowerPoint 97, especially for presentation, as an acceptable format of SC 29 and its WG documents. SC 29 encourages, but does not require, its editors to use MS Word 97 rather than MS Word 95.


  17. SC 29 FTP Site
    SC 29 notes that the SC 29 FTPmasters move the SC 29 FTP to the following site as of 1999-04-01.

    New site:
    - Address: ftp.itscj.ipsj.or.jp
    - Directory for open site: /public/sc29/
    - Directory for closed site: /private/sc29/
    - Password and User ID: same as before

    Packages of documents announced by e-mail are available from:
    (###: a serial number of announcement of document availability)

    SC 29 notes that its Web site remains at http://www.ibm.chips.ibm.com/.sc29/.

    SC 29 expresses its appreciation to IBM and Mr. Peter P. Schirling for providing FTP facilities to SC 29.


  18. JTAG 2 Technology Matrix
    SC 29 instructs Dr. C. Scott Foshee to update the JTAG 2 Technology Matrix in SC 29 N 2983 based on inputs from the WG Conveners, and submit it to JTAG 2 in time for review at the twelfth JTAG 2 meeting, 1999-04-20/21, Geneva, Switzerland.


  19. Liaison with ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 6
    SC 29 approves the proposal from SC 6 to discontinue its liaison with SC 29, and notes that this is done.


  20. Liaison with ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 32
    SC 29 does not wish to establish a liaison with SC 32 at this time, and awaits more precise information about SC 32's work items for consideration by SC 29/WGs.


  21. Liaison with European Patent Office (EPO)
    SC 29 confirms its resolution 21 of the eleventh SC 29 Plenary Meeting, 1998-07-13/15, Berlin, Germany.

    The Resolution 21 reads:
    "SC 29 does not accept the request for a Category B liaison between the European Patent Office (EPO) and SC 29 at this time. SC 29 needs to complete its activities regarding Intellectual Property in order for our liaison to be effective."


  22. Category C with WG 12: Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC)
    SC 29 withdraws its approval of the establishment of category C liaison between Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) and WG 12.


  23. Category C with WG 12: Digital Video Broadcast-Multimedia Home Platform (DVB-MHP)
    SC 29 withdraws its approval of the establishment of category C liaison between Digital Video Broadcast-Multimedia Home Platform (DVB-MHP) and WG 12.


  24. Appointment of Liaison Representative(s)
    SC 29 appoints the following liaison representatives of SC 29:
    - ISO/TC 46/SC 9: Mr. Albert Simmonds
    - ITU-R WP10C: Mr. Karlheinz Brandenburg
    - Web3D Consortium: Mr. Julien Signes
    - SMPTE: Mr. Michael F. Vetter, Mr. Stephen Long
    - INTELSAT: Mr. Surendra Satija

    SC 29 notes the resignation of the following liaison representatives:
    - ISO/TC 36: Mr. Jim C. Williams
    - ISO/TC 42: Mr. Michael C. Nier
    - IEC/TC 100: Mr. Michael C. Nier
    - Web3D Consortium: Mr. Philip Chou

    SC 29 encourages its WGs to nominate SC 29 liaison representative(s) to W3C.


  25. Liaison Statement from ITU-T SG 10 on Middleware
    SC 29 does not take any action in regard to the liaison statement from ITU-T SG 10 on Middleware (ref. SC 29 N 2999).


  26. Approval of Meeting Report
    SC 29 approves the meeting report of its eleventh plenary meeting, 1998-07-13/15, Berlin, Germany, as in SC 29 N 2741.


  27. Status of SC 29 P-members' Participation
    SC 29 instructs its Secretariat to submit the current status of SC 29 P-members' participation to the ISO/IEC ITTF to remind them of their obligation to participate in plenary meetings and cast letter ballots.


  28. Joint Meeting of SC 29/WGs
    SC 29 instructs the WG 1 and WG 11 Conveners to plan a joint meeting on topic of metadata in relation to still images during the seventeenth WG 1 and the forty-eighth WG 11 meetings, 1999-07-12/16, Vancouver, Canada.

    SC 29 also instructs the WG 1, WG 11 and WG 12 Conveners to determine if a similar joint meetings are needed to discuss XML issues as soon as possible.


  29. Participation of SC 29/WG 12
    SC 29 encourages its NBs to participate in new projects of WGs, especially those of WG 12.


  30. WG Meeting Participants
    SC 29 reaffirms the JTC 1 Directives concerning participation at WG meetings found in the subclause 7.7.1 of the JTC 1 Directives (4th edition). In particular,
    "Only delegates officially nominated by the NBs and the representatives of other TCs and organizations in liaison may attend meetings."

    SC 29 instructs its WG Conveners to announce the above Directives at the beginning of each meeting.

    SC 29 strongly requests its NBs to submit delegate lists of WG meeting attendees to the SC 29 Secretariat, the WG Conveners, and to the host organization by one month prior to commencement of the meeting.

    SC 29 requests the host organization to register only those persons appearing on the delegates lists and lists of liaison representatives, and to refer to the HoDs any persons who do not appear on the delegates lists nor the lists of liaison representatives.

    SC 29 instructs its Conveners to abide by the JTC 1 Directives and refuse attendence to WG meetings of any person who are not authorized delegates by their NBs or liaison organizations.

    Approval: Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Rep. of Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, US (11)
    Disapproval: none (0)
    Abstention: Czech Republic, Italy (2)

  31. Passwords for SC 29/WG Web and FTP Sites
    SC 29 instructs its WGs to notify their members that they should obtain Web/FTP site passwords only from HoDs of WG and SC 29 NBs, not at meeting sites. These passwords should not be made public. SC 29 also instructs its Secretariat to announce change of passwords to its members and officers via e-mail.


  32. Guide of WG Meeting Host
    SC 29 instructs its WG Conveners to forward the requirements for WG meeting facilities to the SC 29 Secretariat for placement on the SC 29 Web site.


  33. Meeting Schedule
    Following the thirteenth SC 29 plenary meeting, SC 29 shifts to an annual plenary meeting schedule using the following criteria:

    The SC 29 plenary meeting will be:
    - collocated with at least one WG meeting, preferably with all WG meetings
    - scheduled once a year in any month except during the two-month period before and after JTC 1 plenary meetings.

    SC 29 approves the following meeting schedule:

    - 13th 1999-12-13/15, Hawaii, US (collocated with all WGs)

  1. Special Recognition of Prof. Hiroshi Yasuda
    SC 29 expresses its appreciation to its outgoing Chairman, Prof. Hiroshi Yasuda, for his many important contributions to SC 29. Prof. Yasuda has provided strong exceptional leadership both in the establishment and the administration of SC 29.

    SC 29 requests ISO/IEC ITTF to formally recognize Prof. Yasuda's accomplishements in a suitably appropriate manner, such as a ISO/IEC certificate of appreciation.


  2. Appreciation to Mr. Michael C. Nier
    SC 29 expresses its appreciation to Mr. Michael C. Nier for his many contributions to SC 29 and for his many years of service to standardization, and wishes him well in his new endeavours.


  3. Appreciation to Mrs. Wera Lundstrom
    SC 29 expresses its appreciation to Mrs. Wera Lundstrom for her long standing contributions to SC 29, and wishes her a happy retirement.


  4. Appreciation to Dr. Thomas Casey
    SC 29 expresses its appreciation to Dr. Thomas Casey for serving as a SC 29 representative to the JTC 1/Imaging and Graphics Business Team (IGBT).


  5. Appreciation to the Drafting Committee
    SC 29 expresses its appreciation to the following drafting committee members for their excellent work in preparing the draft resolutions of this plenary meeting:

    - Prof. Francoise Preteux, France
    - Dr. Thomas Casey, UK
    - Dr. Andrew G. Tescher, US
    - Ms. Narumi Hirose, SC 29 Secretariat.


  6. Appreciation to the Host
    SC 29 expresses its appreciation for the generous invitation, excellent meeting facilities, and administrative support to:

    - host organization: Korean National Institute of Technology and Quality (KNITQ)
    - meeting organizer: Korean Industrial Standards Institute (KISI)

    especially to:
    - Mr. Gwang Hwa Jung, KNITQ
    - Mr. Yong Soo Roh, KNITQ
    - Mr. Suyeul Li, KNITQ
    - Ms. Jooran Lee, KNITQ
    - Ms. Kyoung Ah Kim, KNITQ
    - Mr. Kee-Ho Hong, KISI
    - Mr. Man Han Hwang, KISI
    - Mr. Seong Gon Kim, KISI
    - Mr. Sung-Ji Choi, KISI
    - Dr. Chieteuk Ahn, ETRI.

    SC 29 further expresses its sincere appreciation to the KISI for the city tour of beautiful places in Seoul and a wonderful reception and dinner at the Hotel Lotte World in Chamsil.