ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 N 8071
DATE: 2006-12-28

Coding of Audio, Picture, Multimedia and Hypermedia Information
Secretariat: Japan (JISC)

DOC. TYPE Meeting Report
TITLE Meeting Report, the 19th SC 29 Plenary Meeting, 2006-07-24/25, Klagenfurt, Austria
SOURCE Secretariat, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29
STATUS Draft report to be reviewed by SC 29 [Requested action: For review by SC 29 at the 20th SC 29 plenary meeting, 2007-04-30/05-01, San Jose, USA]
DISTRIBUTION P, O and L Members of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 ; ISO/IEC JTC 1 Secretariat; ISO/IEC ITTF

Secretariat, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29
IPSJ/ITSCJ (Information Processing Society of Japan/Information Technology Standards Commission of Japan)*
Room 308-3, Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg., 3-5-8, Shiba-Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011 Japan
Telephone: +81-3-3431-2808; Facsimile: +81-3-3431-6493; E-mail:
*Standard Organization Accredited by JISC

Meeting Report
The 19th ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 Plenary Meeting
2006-07-24/25, Klagenfurt, Austria

The 19th ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 Plenary meeting was held on Monday and Tuesday, 2006-07-24/25, at the Klagenfurt University, Klagenfurt, Austria. The Plenary meeting followed the WG 11 meeting, 2006-07-17/21, at the same location.

Osterreichisches Normungsinstitut (ON), the National Body (NB) of Austria, hosted these meetings. Mr. Kohtaro Asai, the SC 29 Acting Chairman, chaired the plenary meeting.

1 Opening
The SC 29 Acting Chairman opened the Plenary meeting at approximately 09:00 a.m. on 2006-07-24. On behalf of the host organization, Dr. Hermann Hellwagner welcomed the participants.

2 Roll Call
A total of fourteen participants representing P-members were in attendance (ref. attendance list: attachment 1).

3 Drafting Committee
The NBs of France, Japan, UK and US nominated members for the drafting committee. SC 29 appointed them and the SC 29 Secretariat as members:

4 Agenda
SC 29 adopted the final draft agenda (ref. final agenda: attachment 2). All the documents considered at the meeting were circulated in electronic format.

5 Previous Meeting Report
There were no comments received on the draft meeting report of the 18th SC 29 Plenary meeting, 2005-04-25/26, Busan, Rep. of Korea. SC 29 approved it (ref. SC 29 N 6940).

6 Report and Review - JTC 1
On behalf of the SC 29 Chairman, The SC 29 Secretary reported on the recent JTC 1 activities affecting SC 29 mainly based on the resolutions taken at the 20th JTC 1 Plenary meeting, 2005-11-10/16, Banff, Canada (ref. SC 29 N 7136, JTC 1 N 8010). The Secretary drew participants attention especially to the following Resolutions:

SMPTE as an Approved RS Originator Organization (ARO)
The SC 29 Secretary reported on SC 29 N 7496, Request for JTC 1 Approval of SMPTE as an ARO. The application was provided by SMPTE, reviewed by the SC 29 Chairman and issued by the JTC 1 Secretariat. Several delegates expressed concern that there was no opportunity for all SC 29 members to review the document before circulation by JTC 1 Secretariat.
SC 29 resolved to request that this ballot (SC 29 N 7496) should be withdrawn and later reissued once SC 29 has had an opportunity to consider the application.

For a future nomination of a RS Originator as an ARO by SC 29, SC 29 instructed the Secretariat to ask a SC 29 NB approval on an ARO application provided by a RS Originator before a 3 month ballot is issued by JTC 1 for approval of that organization as an ARO.

Balloting Process
SC 29 reviewed the document SC 29 N 7549, Recommendations, JTC 1 Special Working Group on JTC 1 Directives (SWG-Directives) Meeting, 2006-03-08/10, Zurich, Switzerland [JTC 1 N 8110].
SC 29 was concerned by Recommendation 5 in which SWG-Directives recommended that the FCD stage be eliminated and that, for the 5-stage process, revert to the 5 month DIS stage/ballot administered by ITTF. Generally SC 29/WG 1 meets three times and WG 11 four times a year. DIS 5 month ballot would significantly delay the process of development of standards and possibly have a negative impact on their quality. SC 29 decided to propose the following minor adaptation of the current process.
- 2 months for CD ballot
- 3 months for FCD ballot
- 2 months for FDIS ballot

7 Reports and Review - SC 29
7.1 SC 29 Chairman
The SC 29 Acting Chairman presented the draft business plan of SC 29 (ref. SC 29 N 7594).

7.2 SC 29 Secretariat
In accordance with Resolution 4 taken at the 12th JTC 1 Plenary meeting, noting up-to-date Secretariat Report information was available and accessible from the SC 29 Web site, no Secretariat report was submitted.
The SC 29 Secretary pointed the status of SC 29 P-members participation, and reminded that the status would be submitted to the ISO/IEC ITTF for further action.

7.3 WG 1
Prof. Touradj Ebrahimi, the representative of WG 1, reported the activities of WG 1 based on the results of the following four meetings:

Prof. Ebrahimi reported mainly on the JPEG 2000 and Advance Image Coding (AIS) activities. AIS is still at preliminary stage. He also reported the current status of JPEG-1. ITU-T SG 16 developed an alternative compression method using MQ-Codec Arithmetic Coder. This new addition is not a part of common text: ITU-T T.81 | ISO/IEC 10918-1 (JPEG).

7.4 WG 11
Dr. Leonardo Chiariglione, the WG 11 Convener, reported the activities of WG 11 based on the results of the following five meetings:

Dr. Chiariglione stressed the ongoing activities, notably new areas of MPEG-A, MPEG Surround, and MPEG-E. He also reported on the dual-track approach for developing MPEG specifications.

7.5 Advisory Group on Management (AGM)
- Members of AGM SC 29 invited its SC 29 P-members to appoint individuals as members of the AGM to replace, to add or to remove to its current membership. SC 29 noted that only those properly representing NBs should have access to the AGM reflector.

7.6 National Body Contribution
SC 29 reviewed the following contributions.

SC 29 Title and Area of Work
SC 29 reviewed N 7457, Australian NB contribution on SC 29 Scope. SC 29 Area of Work has not been changed since the establishment of SC 29. SC 29 noted that Australian NB is concerned not only about wording of Area of Work, but also the role and direction of SC 29.
SC 29 instructed the AGM Convener to animate and continue the discussion to report on the following topics by the next SC 29 Plenary meeting.
- Definition of the SC 29 Role
- Update of the SC 29 "Area of Work" and "Requirements and Guidelines"

Patent database and Patent Statements
SC 29 reviewed N 7542 and N 7543, UK NB Contributions on patent.
SC 29 noted that there are inconsistencies between the lists of Patent Statements in different editions of MPEG-2 (ISO/IEC 13818-1, -3,-5, and -7) standards and lists published by licensing agencies. SC 29 recommended that JTC 1 request the ITTF to investigate this issue and, if necessary, request that Patent Statements are supplied by entities which appear to hold such rights.

SC 29 noted that Resolution 24 of the JTC 1 Plenary meeting held 2005-11-10/16 in Banff, Canada solicits views on the usability of the ISO Patent Database. SC 29 wishes JTC 1 to note that its members find the database lacking in many regards: It does not contain all patent statements that appear in the relevant standards and does not include new statements in an acceptable time. Moreover, the database does not cover key parameters such as the nature of the license offered. SC 29 hopes that these issues will be resolved by the completion the patent database.

8 Reports and Review on Liaison

8.1 Request for Category C Liaison between WG 11 and FLO Forum
WG 11 proposed establishment of Category C Liaison between WG 11 and FLO Forum (FLO: Forward Link Only). FLO Forum was established in June 2005 to gather wireless industry leaders involved in developing FLO-based networks, products and services to create a framework that enables operators, content providers, and vendors. The objective of the FLO Forum is to make FLO technology a global standard: from setting guidelines for testing and certification of equipment using FLO technology, to serving as a resource for information about FLO technology and FLO-compliant products.
SC 29 noted that the benefits of establishing a Category C liaison are to foster communication in the general areas of audio and video coding, file format, and especially scene representation (LASeR) where MPEG has vast experience and many relevant technologies; and to facilitate the sharing, use and referencing of technical specifications and working documents of each organization so as to leverage technologies, limit duplication and foster interoperability. Such a working relationship will ensure optimal usage of appropriate MPEG technologies in delivering mobile multicast services and ensure that identified industrial requirements are addressed by MPEG specifications.
SC 29 approved the establishment of the Category C Liaison.

8.2 Request for Category C Liaison between WG 11 and UHAPI
WG 11 proposed establishment of Category C Liaison between WG 11 and Universal Home API (UHAPI). UHAPI is a non-profit trade organization launched by leading companies in the consumer electronics (CE) industry to promote the Universal Home API (UHAPI) specification, an open standard solution that will facilitate faster development of applications for CE devices. The UHAPI Forum provides the industry with support for implementing the UHAPI specification, leading to reduced time-to-market and development costs and increased interoperability of CE products, systems and software.
SC 29 noted that the benefits of establishing a Category C liaison are to foster communication in the general areas of APIs with multimedia APIs for home environment applications in particular, and to facilitate the sharing, use and referencing of technical specifications and working documents of each organization so as to leverage technologies, limit duplication and foster interoperability.
SC 29 approved the establishment of the Category C Liaison and appointed Mr. Jean Gelissen as a liaison representative to UHAPI.

8.6 Termination of Category C Liaison
In accordance with the WG 11 recommendation (ref. SC 29 N 6979), SC 29 approved the termination of Category C Liaison between WG 11 and TV-Anytime Forum.

8.7 Liaison Representatives
SC 29 reappointed the following representative:

9 SC 29 Programme of Work

9.1 Modifications to Current SC 29 Programme of Work
SC 29 examined its Programme of Work in detail, and approved the following modifications to it:

1) Subdivision

2) Minor Enhancements

3) Change of Titles

9.2 Progression of Work Items
SC 29 approved the progression of the following work items on condition that substantial support is received from the NBs and Disposition of Comments reports dispose all comments accompanying negative votes.:

9.3 Target Dates
SC 29 updated target dates for progression of the work items.

9.4 Project Editors
SC 29 reviewed the list of SC 29 project editors. SC 29 newly appointed 24 project editors and noted 1 resignation.

9.5 Periodic Review
SC 29 recommended the confirmation of the following ISs at the periodic reviews in 2008 with comments on incompletion of ISO Patent Database:

9.6 ISO/IEC Certificates
SC 29 newly nominated 8 individuals for recipients of the ISO/IEC Certificates.

10 Appointment of SC 29 Officers
10.1 SC 29 Chairman
SC 29 endorsed Mr. Kohtaro Asai, Japan, as the next SC 29 Chairman.

11 Future Meeting Schedule
SC 29 approved the following meeting schedule:

12 Resolutions
SC 29 adopted resolutions as in SC 29 N 7670.

12 Close of Meeting
SC 29 expressed sincere gratitude to a number of individuals who had contributed to SC 29's work, and the NB of Rep. of Korea. The SC 29 Chairman closed the meeting.

Attachment 1: Attendance List

Attachment 2: Final Agenda

Attachment 1

Attendance List

Australia (1), France (3), Germany (1), Italy (1), Japan (2), Sweden (1), Switzerland (1), UK (1), USA (1)

O-members (0)


L-members (3)

ITU-T (1), IMTC (1), IFPI (1)


SC 29 Chairman, SC 29 Secretariat,
SC 29/WG 11 Convener, SC 29/AGM Convener

(14 in total)

Mr Kohtaro Asai
SC 29 Acting Chairman
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Ms Yukiko Ogura 
SC 29 Secretariat
Prof Touradj Ebrahimi
AGM Convener, Delegate, Switzerland [HoD]
Dr Leonardo Chiariglione
WG 11 Convener, Delegate, Italy [HoD]
Dr. Ian Burnett 
Delegate, Australia [HoD]
School of Elec, Comp and Tele Eng, 
University of Wollongong
Prof Francoise Preteux 
Delegate, France [HoD]
Institut National des Telecommunications
Mr. Sylvain Devillers
Delegate, France
France Telecom
Mr. Tony Hittema 
Delegate, France
Dr Istvan Sebestyen
Delegate, Germany [HoD], Liaison Rep. of ITU-T, Liaison Rep. of IMTC
Dr Naoki Kobayashi
Delegate, Japan [HoD]
NTT East Corporation
Dr Itaru Kaneko
Delegate, Japan
Department of Engineering, Faculty of Applied Computer Science
Tokyo Polytechnic University
Mr. Paul Jessop
Delegate, United Kingdom [HoD], Liaison Rep. of IFPI
Dr. Anisse Taleb
Delegate, Sweden [HoD]
Ericsson AB.
Dr Andrew G. Tescher
Delegate, USA [HoD]
Microsoft Corporation 

Attachment 2

Final Agenda

Meeting Name

The 19th ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 Plenary Meeting

Dates and Hours

2006-07-24 (09:00)/25

Co-Located Meeting

ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 11 Meeting, 2006-07-17/21

Meeting Place

Klagenfurt University
Department of Information Technology (ITEC)
Universitatsstrasse 65-67
A-9020 Klagenfurt, Austria
Tel: +43-463-2700-3600
Fax: +43-463-2700-3699


Osterreichisches Normungsinstitut (ON)


Japanese Industrial Standards Committee (JISC)
at the following address:

Ms. Yukiko Ogura
Secretariat, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29
Room 308-3 Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg
3-5-8 Shiba-Koen Minato-ku
Tokyo 105-0011 Japan
Tel: +81-3-3431-2808
Fax: +81-3-3431-6493
E-mail: ogura at

Final Agenda
01 Opening of Meeting (09:00 am)
01.01 Opening Remarks Mr. Kohtaro Asai
01.02 Welcoming Remarks Host
02 Roll Call of Participants
  • SC 29 KL 01 (Attendance list)

  • 03 Appointment of Drafting Committee
    04 Adoption of Agenda
  • SC 29 KL 02 (3rd Draft Agenda)

  • 05 Approval of Previous Meeting Report
  • SC 29 N 6940 (18th SC 29 Plenary meeting)
  • SC 29 Secretariat
    06 Reports and Review: JTC 1
    06.01 JTC 1
  • SC 29 N 7136 (Resolutions, 20th JTC 1 Plenary meeting)
  • SC 29 N 7442 (ISO/IEC JTC 1 Directives, 5th edition, version 2.0)
  • SC 29 N 7496 (Request for JTC 1 Approval of SMPTE as an ARO)
  • SC 29 N 7549 (Recommendations, JTC 1 SWG-Directives Meeting, 2006-03-08/10)
  • SC 29 N 7539 (Meeting Report, JTC 1 Ad Hoc Group on IT Vocabulary Meeting, 2006-03-01/06, Paris, France)
  • SC 29 N 7540 (Revised Project Implementation Plan, TERMIUM® as the Mechanism to Support the Maintenance of IT Vocabulary (ISO/IEC 2382) )
  • SC 29 Secretariat
    07 Reports and Review: SC 29
    07.01 SC 29 Chairman
  • SC 29 N 7594 (Draft Business Plan)
  • Mr. Kohtaro Asai
    07.02 SC 29 Secretariat
  • SC 29 KL 03 (Status of P-members participation 1: Meeting)
  • SC 29 KL 04 (Status of P-members participation 2: Ballot)
  • SC 29 Secretariat
    07.03 SC 29/WG 1
  • SC 29 N 6802 (Resolutions, 36th WG 1 meeting)
  • SC 29 N 7091 (Report, 36th WG 1 meeting)
  • SC 29 N 7101 (Resolutions, 37th WG 1 meeting)
  • SC 29 N 7130 (Report, 37th WG 1 meeting)
  • SC 29 N 7332 (Resolutions, 38th WG 1 meeting)
  • SC 29 N 7342 (Report, 38th WG 1 meeting)
  • SC 29 N 7599 (Resolutions, 39th WG 1 meeting)
  • SC 29 N 7622 (Report, 39th WG 1 meeting)
  • Prof. Touradj Ebrahimi
    07.04 SC 29/WG 11
  • SC 29 N 6829 (Resolutions, 73rd WG 11 meeting)
  • SC 29 N 6934 (Report, 73rd WG 11 meeting)
  • SC 29 N 6979 (Resolutions, 74th WG 11 meeting)
  • SC 29 N 7129 (Report, 74th WG 11 meeting)
  • SC 29 N 7182 (Resolutions, 75th WG 11 meeting)
  • SC 29 N 7329 (Report, 75th WG 11 meeting)
  • SC 29 N 7374 (Resolutions, 76th WG 11 meeting)
  • SC 29 N 7506 (Report, 76th WG 11 meeting)
  • SC 29 N 7621 (Resolutions, 77th WG 11 meeting)
  • Dr. Leonardo Chiariglione
    07.05 SC 29/Maintenance Task Force on ISO/IEC 13522 Series
    07.06 SC 29/Advisory Group on Management (AGM) Prof. Touradj Ebrahimi
    07.07 National Body Contribution
  • SC 29 N 7457(Australian NB Contribution: SC 29 Scope)
  • SC 29 N 7542(UK NB Contribution: Patent Statements relating to MPEG-2)
  • SC 29 N 7543(UK NB Contribution: ISO Patent Database)

  • 08 Reports and Review: ISO and Liaisons
    08.01 Liaison
  • SC 29 KL 08 (SC 29 L-Members)

  • 08.02 Request for New Liaison
  • SC 29 N 7669 (Request: WG 11 and FLO Forum)
  • SC 29 N 7667 (Request: WG 11 and UHAPI)

  • 08.03 Liaison Representatives
    08.04 Liaison Statements
    09 Programme of Work
    09.01 New Work Items
    09.02 Modifications to the Programme of Work
  • SC 29 KL 05 (Modification list)
  • SC 29 N 7629 (Minor enhancement: JTC (13818-7/AMD1))
  • SC 29 N 7632 (Minor enhancement: JTC (14496-4/AMD14))
  • SC 29 N 7634 (Minor enhancement: JTC (14496-4/AMD18))
  • SC 29 N 7636 (Minor enhancement: JTC (14496-4/AMD19))
  • SC 29 N 7638 (Minor enhancement: JTC (14496-4/AMD20))
  • SC 29 N 7640 (Minor enhancement: JTC (14496-4/AMD22))
  • SC 29 N 7641 (Minor enhancement: JTC (14496-12/AMD2) and JTC (15444-12/AMD2))
  • SC 29 N 7643 (Minor enhancement: JTC (14496-15/AMD2))
  • SC 29 N 7652 (Minor enhancement: JTC (21000-4/AMD1))
  • SC 29 N 7655 (Subdivision: JTC (23000-4))
  • SC 29 N 7657 (Subdivision: JTC (23000-5))
  • SC 29 N 7658 (Subdivision: JTC (23000-6))
  • SC 29 N 7660 (Minor enhancement: JTC (23001-1/AMD2))
  • SC 29 N 7661 (Subdivision: JTC (23004-5))
  • SC 29 N 7663 (Subdivision: JTC (23004-6))
  • SC 29 N 7665 (Subdivision: JTC (23004-7))
  • SC 29 N 7624 (Change of Title: JTC (15444-10))
  • SC 29 N 7668 (Change of Title: JTC (14496-3/AMD5))

  • 09.03 Progression of Work Items / Target Dates
  • SC 29 KL 06 (Programme of Work allocated to SC 29)

  • 09.04 Project Editors
  • SC 29 KL 07 (Nomination list)
  • SC 29 N 7612 (Request)

  • 09.05 Collaborative Project with ITU-T
    09.06 Periodic Review
  • SC 29 N 7453 (Request)
  • SC 29 N 7616 (UK NB response)

  • 09.07 ISO/IEC Certificates
  • SC 29 KL 09 (Nomination list)

  • 10 Appointment of SC 29 Officers
    10.1 SC 29 Chairman
  • SC 29 N 7323 (Nomination)
  • Japan
    11 Meeting Schedule

    12 Any Other Business
    13 Resolutions
    14 Close of Meeting