ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 N 8827
DATE: 2007-10-17

Coding of Audio, Picture, Multimedia and Hypermedia Information
Secretariat: Japan (JISC)

DOC. TYPE Meeting Report
TITLE Meeting Report, the 20th SC 29 Plenary Meeting, 2007-04-30/05-01, San Jose, USA
SOURCE Secretariat, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29
STATUS Draft report to be reviewed by SC 29 [Requested action: For review by SC 29 at the 21st SC 29 plenary meeting, 2008-07-28/29, Hannover, Germany]
DISTRIBUTION P, O and L Members of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 ; ISO/IEC JTC 1 Secretariat; ISO/IEC ITTF

Secretariat, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29
IPSJ/ITSCJ (Information Processing Society of Japan/Information Technology Standards Commission of Japan)*
Room 308-3, Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg., 3-5-8, Shiba-Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011 Japan
Telephone: +81-3-3431-2808; Facsimile: +81-3-3431-6493; E-mail:
*Standard Organization Accredited by JISC

Meeting Report
The 20th ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 Plenary Meeting
2007-04-30/05-01, San Jose, USA

The 20th ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 Plenary meeting was held on Monday and Tuesday, 2007-04-30/05-01, at the DoubleTree Hotel San Jose, USA. The Plenary meeting followed the WG 1 and WG 11 meetings, 2007-04-23/27, at the same location.

American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the National Body (NB) of USA, hosted these meetings. Mr. Kohtaro Asai, the SC 29 Chairman, presided at the Plenary meeting.

1 Opening
The SC 29 Chairman opened the Plenary meeting at approximately 09:00 a.m. on 2007-04-30. On behalf of the host organization, Dr. Andrew G. Tescher welcomed the participants.

2 Roll Call
A total of 24 participants representing P-members were in attendance (ref. attendance list: attachment 1).

3 Drafting Committee
The NBs of France, Japan, UK and US nominated members for the drafting committee. SC 29 appointed them and the SC 29 Secretariat as members:

4 Agenda
SC 29 adopted the final draft agenda (ref. final agenda: attachment 2). All the documents for the meeting were circulated in electronic format.
Mr. Paul Jessop, HoD, the NB of UK, proposed reconsideration of "Issues regarding inclusion and removal of email addresses in Ad Hoc groups reflectors" which was discussed during the AGM meeting, 2007-01-16, Marrakech, Morocco (Ref. Recommendation 5.4.2 in SC 29 N 8202). The SC 29 Chairman accepted to add the item under AOB.

5 Previous Meeting Report
There were no comments received on the draft meeting report of the 19th SC 29 Plenary meeting, 2006-07-24/25, Klagenfurt, Austria. SC 29 approved it (ref. SC 29 N 8071).

6 Report and Review - JTC 1
The SC 29 Chairman reported on the recent JTC 1 activities affecting SC 29 mainly based on the resolutions taken at the 21st JTC 1 Plenary meeting, 2006-11-13/17, the Kruger National Park, South Africa (ref. SC 29 N 8036, JTC 1 N 8426). The Chairman focused participants attention on the following Resolutions:

SMPTE as an Approved RS Originator Organization (ARO)
SC 29 reviewed and approved SC 29 N 7496, Request for JTC 1 Approval of SMPTE as an ARO.
SC 29 instructed the Secretariat to submit the request to JTC 1 for approval.

Balloting Process
SC 29 reviewed Resolution 11: ISO DIS Ballot Period (Balloting Process), and SC 29 N 8296, Recommendations adopted at the JTC 1 Special Working Group on JTC 1 Directives (SWG-Directives) meeting, 2007-03-07/09, New York, US.
SC 29 was concerned about the fact that JTC 1 will shift FCD ballot to the 5 month DIS ballot period because it would impede the process of SC 29's development of standards and have a negative impact on their quality. SC 29 resolved to request JTC 1 and its Special Working Group on JTC 1 Directives to consider reducing the 5 month ISO DIS ballot period to 4 months, and preparing a contribution to the ISO/TMB as described in SC 29 N 8502.

Common Patent Policy
The SC 29 Chairman also reported on "Common Patent Policy for ITU-T/ITU-R/ISO/IEC" which ISO, IEC, ITU-T, and ITU-R approved in March 2007 (ref. SC 29 N 8314). SC 29 updated references (3 places) in the SC 29 IPR Guidelines accordingly.

7 Reports and Review - SC 29
7.1 SC 29 Chairman
The SC 29 Chairman presented the draft business plan of SC 29 (ref. SC 29 N 8318).

7.2 SC 29 Secretariat
In accordance with Resolution 4 taken at the 12th JTC 1 Plenary meeting, noting up-to-date Secretariat Report information was available and accessible from the SC 29 Web site, no Secretariat report was submitted.
The SC 29 Secretary pointed out the status of SC 29 P-members participation, and notified that the status would be submitted to the ISO/IEC ITTF for further action.

7.3 WG 1
Dr. Daniel T. Lee, the WG 1 Convener, reported on the activities of WG 1 based on the results of the following two meetings:

Dr. Daniel T. Lee reported mainly on the Digital Cinema activities and a new Ad Hoc Group on HD Photo.

7.4 WG 11
Dr. Leonardo Chiariglione, the WG 11 Convener, reported on the activities of WG 11 based on the results of the following three meetings:

Dr. Chiariglione stressed the ongoing activities, notably MPEG-A (MAF) and MPEG-7 query format (Ref. The Latest Work Plan and Time Line).

7.5 Advisory Group on Management (AGM)
Prof. Touradj Ebrahimi , the AGM Convener, reported on the activities of AGM based on the results of the following two meetings:

SC 29 Role and update of the SC 29 Area of Work and Requirements and Guidelines
In response to the Recommendations of the AGM meeting, 2006-10-23, Hangzhou, China, the SC 29/WG Conveners provided updated WGs' "Terms of Reference" (Ref. SC 29 N 7985 and SC 29 N 8401).
Since the SC 29 Area of Work is still consistent with WGs' "Terms of Reference" and has been consistently focused on coded representation, the SC 29 Chairman, the AGM Convener, and the WG Conveners recommended not to change the SC 29 Area of Work.

Terms of Reference for the SC 29/AGM
SC 29 revised Terms of Reference for SC 29/AGM.

7.6 National Body Contribution
SC 29 reviewed the following contributions.

Patent Statement relating to ISO/IEC 10918-1:1994
SC 29 reviewed N 8319, UK NB Contribution on Patent Statement relating to ISO/IEC 10918-1:1994.
Since there was not enough precise information about the UK NB concern, SC 29 decided to request the NB of UK to provide more detail on the concerns expressed in its contribution.

Survey of IPR Policies
SC 29 reviewed N 8320, UK NB Contribution on Dual Track Standardisation.
SC 29 noted that neither SC nor WG is accredited to conduct a survey of the IPR policies. Therefore SC 29 decided to request JTC 1 to include the activities in the work of JTC 1 Ad Hoc Group on the Effectiveness and Efficiency of JTC 1.

Patent Declaration Processes
SC 29 reviewed N 8321, UK NB Contribution on Patent Declaration Processes.
SC29 requested the AGM to prepare an appropriate text which requires a patent declaration to be included in every technical contribution to its WGs. WGs are encouraged to adopt the text in advance of a future Resolution by SC 29 to require its use in contributions. There was no support to propose that JTC 1 consider requiring a similar practice.

SC 29 Working Practices
SC 29 reviewed N 8322, UK NB Contribution on SC 29 Working Practices.
SC29 invited SC 29 National Bodies and WG Conveners to provide input on the best frequency and organizations of its Plenary meetings no later than 2007-12-31. SC 29 requested the AGM to initiate discussions on this input and to identify the best possible alternative, and to submit a report at the 21st SC 29 Plenary meeting for consideration.

Working Practices in Ad Hoc groups and Sub Group
SC 29 requested the AGM to collect information on current practices for Ad Hoc groups and Sub Group in its WGs. SC 29 requests the Convener of the AGM to report the results of this study together with recommendations for improvements at the 21st SC 29 Plenary meeting.

8 Reports and Review on Liaison

Following discussion of ARO, Mr. Gavin Schutz, the Liaison representative from SMPTE, made a verbal report. Mr. Schutz expressed SMPTE's interest in the Reconfigurable Video Coding (RVC). He will encourage its technical experts to join the RVC Core Experiments being carried out by WG 11 and will offer MPEG experts free use of its VC-1 specification and reference software for the purpose of developing the RVC Framework.

8.2 ISO/IEC JTC 1/SWGs and Ad Hoc
Dr Kate Grant reported on current activities in the following JTC 1/SWGs and Ad Hoc. The report has been circulated as SC 29 N 8407.

8.3 ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 37
Dr. Kate Grant, the Liaison representative from SC 37, reported on the current activities in SC 37. The report has been circulated as SC 29 N 8408.

8.4 IEC TC 100
Dr. Kate Grant, the SC 29 Liaison representative to IEC TC 100, reported on the current activities in IEC TC 100. The report has been circulated as SC 29 N 8409.

8.5 Liaison Representatives
SC 29 appointed the following representatives:

9 SC 29 Programme of Work

9.1 Modifications to Current SC 29 Programme of Work
SC 29 examined its Programme of Work in detail, and approved the following modifications to it:

1) Subdivision

2) Minor Enhancements

3) Change of Titles

9.2 Progression of Work Items
SC 29 approved the progression of the following work items on condition that substantial support is received from the NBs and Disposition of Comments reports dispose all comments accompanying negative votes:

9.3 Target Dates
SC 29 updated target dates for progression of the work items.

9.4 Project Editors
SC 29 reviewed the list of SC 29 project editors. SC 29 newly appointed 23 project editors and noted 1 resignation.

9.5 Freely Available Standards
SC 29 decided to forward the following proposals to JTC 1 to make Conformance testing bitstreams and Reference software of the following ISs (including their amendments, corrigenda, and the future revision) freely available on the ITTF web site.

9.6 JTC 1 Registration Authority (RA)
SC 29 reviewed SC 29 N 8398, Request for Endorsement of CISAC as JTC 1 Registration Authority (RA) of ISO/IEC 21000-18.
SC 29 endorsed CISAC as the JTC 1 RA, and instructed the Secretariat to nominate CISAC to JTC 1.

9.7 ISO/IEC Certificates
SC 29 newly nominated 409 individuals as recipients of the ISO/IEC Certificates.

10 Future Meeting Schedule
SC 29 approved the following meeting schedule:

11 Resolutions
SC 29 adopted resolutions as in SC 29 N 8406.

12 Close of Meeting
SC 29 expressed sincere gratitude to a number of individuals who had contributed to SC 29's work, and the NB of US. The SC 29 Chairman closed the meeting.

Attachment 1: Attendance List

Attachment 2: Final Agenda

Attachment 1

Attendance List

Australia (1), China (4), France (3), Germany (1), Italy (1), Japan (1), Korea (1), Switzerland (1), UK (2), USA (6)

O-members (0)


L-members (4)

3GPP (1), IFPI (1), SMPTE (2)


SC 29 Chairman, SC 29 Secretariat,
SC 29/WG 11 Convener, SC 29/AGM Convener

(24 in total)

Mr Kohtaro Asai
SC 29 Chairman
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Ms Yukiko Ogura 
SC 29 Secretariat
Prof Touradj Ebrahimi
AGM Convener, Delegate, Switzerland [HoD]
Dr Daniel T. Lee 
WG 1 Convener
eBay Inc.
Dr Leonardo Chiariglione
WG 11 Convener, Delegate, Italy [HoD]
Dr. Ian Burnett 
Delegate, Australia [HoD]
School of Elec, Comp and Tele Eng, 
University of Wollongong
Mr. DongSheng Lou 
Delegate, China [HoD]
China Electronics Standardization Institute
Dr. Huang Tiejun 
Delegate, China
School of CS & EE
Peking University
Mr. Lianhuan Xiong 
Delegate, China
Huawei Technology Co., Ltd
Mr. Xiaozhen Zheng 
Delegate, China
Huawei Technology Co., Ltd
Prof Francoise Preteux 
Delegate, France [HoD]
Institut National des Telecommunications
Mr. Tony Hittema 
Delegate, France
Mr. Didier Nicholson
Delegate, France
Thales Communications
Dr. Bernard Hammer
Delegate, Germany [HoD]
Siemens Enterprise Communications
Dr. Itaru Kaneko
Delegate, Japan [HoD]
Department of Engineering, Faculty of Applied Computer Science
Tokyo Polytechnic University
Dr. Jae-Gon Kim 
Delegate, Rep. of Korea [HoD]
Hanbat National University
Mr. Paul Jessop
Delegate, United Kingdom [HoD], Liaison Rep. of IFPI
Dr. Kate Grant
Delegate, United Kingdom
Dr. Andrew G. Tescher
Delegate, USA [HoD]
Microsoft Corporation 
Dr. Lazar Bivolarski 
Delegate, USA
BrightScale Inc.
Mr. Walter Husak 
Delegate, USA, Liaison Rep. of SMPTE
Dolby Laboratories Inc.
Dr. Robert Rossi 
Delegate, USA
Microsoft Corporation
Mr. David Singer 
Delegate, USA, Liaison Rep. of 3GPP
Apple Computer, Inc.
Mr. Gavin Schutz 
Delegate, USA, Liaison Rep. of SMPTE
Ascent Media Group

Attachment 2

Final Agenda

Meeting Name

The 20th ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 Plenary Meeting

Dates and Hours

2007-04-30 (09:00)/05-01

Co-Located Meeting

ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 1 and 11 Meetings, 2007-04-23/27

Meeting Place

DoubleTree Hotel San Jose
2050 Gateway Place
San Jose, CA 95110 USA
Tel: +1 408-453-4000
Fax: +1 408-437-2898


American National Standards Institute (ANSI)


Japanese Industrial Standards Committee (JISC)
at the following address:

Ms. Yukiko Ogura
Secretariat, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29
Room 308-3 Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg
3-5-8 Shiba-Koen Minato-ku
Tokyo 105-0011 Japan
Tel: +81-3-3431-2808
Fax: +81-3-3431-6493
E-mail: ogura at

Final Agenda
01 Opening of Meeting (09:00 am)
01.01 Opening Remarks Mr. Kohtaro Asai
01.02 Welcoming Remarks Host
02 Roll Call of Participants
  • SC 29 SJ 01 (Attendance list)

  • 03 Appointment of Drafting Committee
    04 Adoption of Agenda
  • SC 29 SJ 02 (3rd Draft Agenda)

  • 05 Approval of Previous Meeting Report
  • SC 29 N 8071 (19th SC 29 Plenary meeting)
  • SC 29 Secretariat
    06 Reports and Review: JTC 1
    06.01 JTC 1
  • SC 29 N 8036 (Resolutions, 21st JTC 1 Plenary meeting)
  • SC 29 N 8296 (Recommendations, JTC 1 SWG-Directives Meeting, 2007-03-07/09)
  • SC 29 N 8314 (Common Patent Policy)
  • Mr. Kohtaro Asai
    07 Reports and Review: SC 29
    07.01 SC 29 Chairman
  • SC 29 N 8318 (Draft Business Plan)
  • Mr. Kohtaro Asai
    07.02 SC 29 Secretariat
  • SC 29 SJ 03 (Status of P-members participation 1: Meeting)
  • SC 29 SJ 04 (Status of P-members participation 2: Ballot)
  • SC 29 Secretariat
    07.03 SC 29/WG 1
  • SC 29 N 7966 (Resolutions, 40th WG 1 meeting)
  • SC 29 N 8002 (Report, 40th WG 1 meeting)
  • SC 29 N 8381 (Resolutions, 41st WG 1 meeting)
  • SC 29 N 8385 (Report, 41st WG 1 meeting)
  • Dr. Daniel T. Lee
    07.04 SC 29/WG 11
  • SC 29 N 7861 (Resolutions, 78th WG 11 meeting)
  • SC 29 N 8057 (Report, 78th WG 11 meeting)
  • SC 29 N 8120 (Resolutions, 79th WG 11 meeting)
  • SC 29 N 8304 (Report, 79th WG 11 meeting)
  • SC 29 N 8386 (Resolutions, 80th WG 11 meeting)
  • Dr. Leonardo Chiariglione
    07.05 SC 29/Maintenance Task Force on ISO/IEC 13522 Series
    07.06 SC 29/Advisory Group on Management (AGM)
  • SC 29 N 7965 (Report, Hangzhou meeting)
  • SC 29 N 8202 (Report, Marrakech meeting)
  • SC 29 N 7985 (WG 1 Terms of Reference)
  • SC 29 N 8401 (WG 11 Terms of Reference)
  • SC 29 SJ 12 (updated Terms of Reference for AGM)
  • Prof. Touradj Ebrahimi
    07.07 National Body Contribution
  • SC 29 N 8319(UK NB Contribution: Issues relating to ISO/IEC 10918-1:1994)
  • SC 29 N 8320(UK NB Contribution: Dual Track Standardisation)
  • SC 29 N 8321(UK NB Contribution: Patent Declaration Processes)
  • SC 29 N 8322(UK NB Contribution: SC 29 Working Practices)

  • 08 Reports and Review: ISO and Liaisons
    08.01 Liaison
  • SC 29 SJ 09 (Representative's Report: JTC 1 SWGs)
  • SC 29 SJ 10 (Representative's Report: JTC 1/SC 37)
  • SC 29 SJ 11 (Representative's Report: IEC TC 100)

  • 08.02 Request for New Liaison
    08.03 Liaison Representatives
    08.04 Liaison Statements
    09 Programme of Work
    09.01 New Work Items
    09.02 Modifications to the Programme of Work
  • SC 29 SJ 05 (Modification list)
  • SC 29 N 8128 (Minor enhancement: JTC (14496-4/AMD23))
  • SC 29 N 8134 (Minor enhancement: JTC (14496-5/AMD17))
  • SC 29 N 8382 (Minor enhancement: JTC (14492/AMD4))
  • SC 29 N 8383 (Minor enhancement: JTC (15444-9/AMD4))
  • SC 29 N 8384 (Subdivision: JTC (15444-14))
  • SC 29 N 8387 (Minor enhancement: JTC (14496-4/AMD26))
  • SC 29 N 8388 (Minor enhancement: JTC (14496-4/AMD30))
  • SC 29 N 8389 (Minor enhancement: JTC (14496-4/AMD31))
  • SC 29 N 8390 (Minor enhancement: JTC (14496-5/AMD18))
  • SC 29 N 8391 (Minor enhancement: JTC (14496-5/AMD19))
  • SC 29 N 8392 (Minor enhancement: JTC (14496-5/AMD20))
  • SC 29 N 8393 (Minor enhancement: JTC (14496-16/AMD3))
  • SC 29 N 8394 (Subdivision: JTC (14496-25))
  • SC 29 N 8395 (Subdivision: JTC (15938-12))
  • SC 29 N 8396 (Minor enhancement: JTC (21000-9/AMD1))
  • SC 29 N 8397 (Subdivision: JTC (23000-10))
  • SC 29 N 8402 (Change of Title: JTC (14496-12/AMD2) and JTC (15444-12/AMD2))
  • SC 29 N 8403 (Change of Title: JTC (23001-3))
  • SC 29 N 8404 (Change of Title: JTC (23002-2))
  • SC 29 N 8374 (NB response)

  • 09.03 Progression of Work Items / Target Dates
  • SC 29 SJ 06 (Programme of Work allocated to SC 29)

  • 09.04 Project Editors
  • SC 29 SJ 07 (Nomination list)
  • SC 29 N 8405 (Nomination)

  • 09.05 Collaborative Project with ITU-T
    09.06 Freely Available Standards
  • SC 29 N 8399 (Request: Conformance testing bitstreams and Reference software)
  • Dr. Leonardo Chiariglione
    09.07 Registration Authority (RA)
  • SC 29 N 8398 (Request: Candidates for ISO/IEC 21000-18 on HandlerURI and EncoderURI)
  • Dr. Leonardo Chiariglione
    09.08 ISO/IEC Certificates
  • SC 29 SJ 08 (Nomination list)

  • 10 Meeting Schedule

    11 Any Other Business
    12 Resolutions
    13 Close of Meeting